Why should you use ear protection when shooting a firearm

The main reason of why should you use ear protection when shooting a firearm is for safety reason and protect your ears from possible damages to your hearing system


If you are savvy in the subject, then go straight to the section active shooting headphones , and choose your favorite model. For the rest, keep reading.

Earlier we talked about what noise cancellation is and how active headphones work. Today we will look at some of their models presented in our store.

Someone shoots at a shooting range, someone at an open shooting range. Someone uses headphones for hunting, and someone is looking for a universal model. What to do? What to choose?

Well, let’s choose together!

There will be cheaper and more expensive models, but they are all made by brands with a name and history, and they are all of high quality. For their cost, you get reliability and full compliance with NRR / SNR standards.

Understanding in order

Each model offered can be used in any scenario – you will receive all the properties declared by the manufacturer. However, specific features that offer greater comfort in certain conditions, such as profile or helmet-wearability, may be an important consideration when choosing.

The low profile is good for practical shooting – you won’t touch them when you raise your gun or carbine. Thicker ones are suitable for pistol shooting or sniping, where movements are measured and unhurried. 

For shooting galleries, full-size headphones are a good choice in themselves, since the sound wave does not touch the auricle. Many shooters, however, do not like them because the ear pads are not very comfortable – they press, rub … This happens even on the most expensive models, because the shape of the ears is as unique as fingerprints. We offer soft gel ear cushions for active shooting headphones – just try it and feel the difference.

Budget headphones

Budget doesn’t mean bad. On the contrary, these models are full of advantages, and at the same time are very affordable. Judge for yourself.

Let’s start with Howard Leight Impact Sport . Who doesn’t know Howard Leight? Everyone knows Howard. For many years in a row, these headphones have been one of the most popular in the world. Not bad value for money.

These headphones are low-profile, which can be important. Compact to carry and store. They are conveniently adjustable, the cups can be customized. The construction is solid, and all this while weighing less than 400g.

The advantages of this model include sound transmission in stereo mode. Electronics cuts off noise by 22-25 dB in case of exceeding the safe limit of 82 dB, while amplifying quiet sounds. Thus, when shooting, neither your own nor other people’s shots will interfere with you, and it will be comfortable to carry on a conversation.

The headphones are equipped with a standard 3.5 mm input for connecting a walkie-talkie or MP3 player.

All this splendor is powered by two AAA batteries, which provide up to 350 hours of operation (according to the manufacturer). If you forgot to turn it off after shooting, the headphones will turn off automatically after 4 hours. In order to turn them on again, you will need to “click” the volume control.

This model is controlled by an analog volume control (it’s hard to call it a disadvantage – someone likes it, someone doesn’t). A small ribbed wheel on the left ear cup is quite easy and intuitive.

And yes, these headphones will not fit under a standard ballistic helmet, you need a helmet with a special cutout.

In a word, in the face of Impact Sport we have a fairly cheap and at the same time very angry model of headphones for shooting. By the way, we have a high-quality review of this model of Howard active shooting headphones – go to view .

Another popular model of inexpensive active headphones is Peltor RangeGuard.

They are actually a modified Peltor 6S model, which at one time was considered a direct competitor to Howard products. However, it was not without flaws, and in the new model Peltor did a lot of work on the bugs in order to end up with excellent and at the same time not too expensive headphones. Let’s figure out why they are so good and why they are bad.

Peltor RangeGuard play on the same field as Impact Sport. They are also low profile, comfortable and compact. Easily adjustable and comfortable to wear (although, of course, you need to get used to them).

According to the manufacturer, the noise reduction coefficient of RangeGuard headphones is 21 dB. Noises above a safe level are effectively cut, while advanced electronics amplify sounds that carry useful information, such as conversations between shooting participants. Microphones are located on the cups on both sides.

The left cup has a slot for two AAA batteries.

Want to connect a walkie-talkie or player? The AUX jack (3.5 mm) on the right cup will help you, do not deny yourself anything. There is also an on/off switch. After four hours, the headphones automatically turn off, and after receiving a warning signal, it is enough to move the toggle switch in order to extend the active mode.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting that the presence of parasitic noise, but this is a disease of all inexpensive headphones.

In general, comparing these two models – Howard Leight Impact Sport and Peltor RangeGuard – one gets the impression that Howards are sharpened for hunting (they amplify quiet sounds better), and Peltor are more “shooting” (they have a clearer cutoff of loud sounds). But all this, of course, is subjective, and which headphones will be more comfortable for you, you decide. Both models, we repeat, are good and worth each other.

Headphones for the average budget

Howard Leight also made its mark in the more expensive segment of shooting headphones. The Sport Bolt model has an unsurpassed response time of 0.5 milliseconds – a figure, whatever one may say, is good.

These headphones have a low profile and the ability to flexibly customize the fit to suit your needs. High-grade leatherette finish is resistant to damage, the headphones do not slip off when worn. When folded, they are compact and do not take up much space. 

Loud sounds are efficiently and quickly (that is, really fast) attenuated to 82 dB, while quiet sounds are amplified up to five times (according to the manufacturer). Proprietary air flow control technology (AFC, Air Flow Control Technology) allows you to hear normal conversation that occurs at low frequencies, but provides protection at high frequencies. Thus, these headphones are perfect for both indoor shooting ranges and outdoor shooting ranges and for hunting.

Two microphones on both cups provide a three-dimensional picture of what is happening around the shooter, allowing you to accurately determine the direction of the sound source. The microphones are protected from the wind and produce a fairly clear sound.

Turning on, off and adjusting the sound are made by the traditional Howard analog control located on the left cup. Auto shut off works after four hours of operation.

On the left side, there is an AUX jack (3.5 mm) for connecting to external devices.

Power is supplied by two AAA batteries located in a waterproof compartment.

It should be noted that the headphones turned out to be frankly quite good. An open shooting range or hunting is the environment where they will show their best.

Peltor Tactical Sport reigned in the middle price range at one time, which were replaced a few years ago by the Peltor Tactical 100, 300 (with improved noise reduction compared to the 100th model) and 500 (with built-in Bluetooth) lines with improved performance and design.

Peltor Tactical 300 headphones with 24 NRR noise reduction.

This model has an average profile – this is easily explained by such a high level of NRR, and the cups themselves are quite massive. They are fastened together with the help of a ventilated headband with “windows” (which, among other things, are made so to lighten the overall weight). 

If Howard offers unparalleled response times, then Peltor has paid special attention to adaptive noise cancellation in this model. Thus, the noise is cut off not by time, but all the time while it is. For example, a gunshot in a range is loud and echoes, while a gunshot in an open range is quieter and shorter in duration. Headphone electronics allows you to filter both shots as efficiently and comfortably as possible for the user.

Microphones are hidden behind a porous coating, resulting in reduced parasitic noise such as wind. The speech is clear and loud.

Rubberized control buttons are large, to match the whole design. The slightest problem does not arise even when working with a hand in a glove. Two buttons control the volume, and another one controls an external device that can be connected to the AUX port. In addition, behind one of the bowls is an on / off button. When four hours of activity have elapsed, the earbuds will give you a warning tone, and you just need to touch any button to continue working.

What to add here? Great headphones for the shooting range. 


But MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X is another category. Here and the level of moisture protection IP67 (there are models both waterproof and waterproof), and high-end electronics, and the price tag is completely different. An expensive tool that is valued all over the world by both professional shooters and mercenaries and the military.

So, what do top-end headphones offer?

First, let’s note the low profile and compatibility with ballistic helmets.

The headband of the headphones is made of durable steel, it is resistant to kink and twisting. Mahogany, of course, would have been better suited to soft genuine leather trim, but, in general, it turned out well.

The unique system attenuates loud sounds by up to 82 dB while amplifying soft speech to a comfortable level. Sounds can be amplified non-linearly, for example, by focusing on the faint rustling of tropical foliage under the paw of a Bengal tiger – it’s somehow undignified to walk on a banal roe deer with such a device. The amplifier is cut off smoothly, without the usual click on simpler models.

Two wind-sheltered microphones provide a 360° panorama and allow you to navigate even with your eyes closed with proper dexterity.

The electronics are controlled by buttons – a separate power button, a separate volume control button. The auto-off interval is the usual four hours, and after a warning signal, the timer can be reset by pressing any button (which, by the way, is perfectly controlled by a gloved hand). The configured profile will be saved both after automatic shutdown and after forced shutdown.

In the presence of a 3.5 mm port that has already become a standard for connecting external equipment – a smartphone, a walkie-talkie, an MP3 player …

There are modifications with an integrated LED flashlight – the solution is as logical and necessary as it is rare.

Power is provided by two AAA batteries, which should last for 600 hours of operation. They are alternately inserted into a narrow waterproof compartment, which, perhaps, will seem inconvenient to someone, but it certainly doesn’t pull on a full-fledged minus.

Inexpensive and at the same time an excellent choice for any conditions. They are worth their money to the last penny – if you are ready to pay so much for them.

In other words, these are great shooting headphones for someone who, when choosing between Rolex and Seika, chooses Rolex. As a rule, he knows exactly why a Rolex is needed.

And as a bonus

In-ear active earplugs are a rare and valuable beast. They have properties no worse than classic headphones, and at the same time they are by no means cheaper – we also consider this outrageous. Once we saw a car without a roof, and it was more expensive than a full-fledged car with a roof, and even with a concrete mixer installed on it.

Peltor TEP-100 Tactical Earplug can rightfully be called the crown of technology in terms of active hearing protection. They were developed for SOCOM – US Special Operations Forces.

Virtually weightless yet remarkably effective, they provide excellent hearing protection even when shooting .50 BMG.

Complies with ANSI S3.19-1974 and IP67 standards (guaranteed operation after immersion to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes).

Comes with three ear tips, each with different levels of noise protection: UltraFit™ Communication Tip (23dB), Triple C Communication Tip (27dB), and Skull Screw Communication Tip (30dB). Two high-quality microphones amplify speech and other soft sounds, giving you total control over what’s happening around you.

Li-Ion batteries provide about 16 hours of continuous operation. The portable charger uses 3 AA alkaline batteries or a USB port.

Extremely comfortable to wear and compatible with ballistic helmets and tactical goggles and goggles.

They are universal. The ideal choice for hunting, a shooting gallery or an open shooting range. And very cheap.

Conclusion on why should you use ear protection when shooting a firearm…

The modern market of protective equipment offers options for every taste and budget. Everyone will choose something for themselves, according to their needs and goals.

Take care of your hearing. In general, he is a useful thing.

How shooting headphones protect your hearing

How shooting headphones protect your hearing.  Shooting headphones.  Choose headphones for shooting practice
No treatment and no even the most modern hearing aid can completely restore hearing. It is known that one loud “burst” of sound or a constant loud sound can lead to hearing loss, and this process is irreversible. Meanwhile, when firing a firearm, our ears are always at risk.

Headphones are excellent hearing protection and a must have for any experienced shooter, whether on the hunt or on the shooting range. Active headphones are the most modern equipment for today. In fact, these are headphones with a built-in electronic device (automatic gain control of sounds) and high-quality sound insulation. Stereo microphones pick up sound, while at the same time muffling or amplifying them, depending on the strength of the sound. In this way, quiet and loud sounds are equalized to an average, easy-to-hear volume level.

How shooting headphones protect your hearing

What is sound?

From a physical point of view, sound is the sum of mechanical processes of oscillations and waves in such elastic media as gases, liquids and solids. Sound is produced in the process of bringing objects into vibrational motion. The frequency of the waves determines how a person perceives a particular sound – high or low. The higher the frequency, the higher the sound. The ear of a young person can perceive sounds up to about 20,000 Hz (1 Hz = 1 oscillation per second). Sound with a higher frequency is not picked up by the human ear. Loudness is independent of frequency. The stronger at a certain frequency (pitch) vibrations of sound waves (amplitude), the louder the sound becomes. Acoustics measure loudness in dB(A).

How shooting headphones protect your hearing.  Shooting headphones.  Choose headphones for shooting practice

The potential danger of sounds to the organ of hearing is determined by the level of sound pressure. This mathematical value is expressed in decibels (=dB). 0 dB corresponds to the hearing threshold of 1000 hertz sound, 120 dB – the pain threshold.

dB is a logarithmic relative value. Thus, an increase in sound already by 3 dB corresponds to a doubling of the sound power, and by 6 dB – to a double sound pressure level, and only an increase of 10 dB – to a doubling of the loudness.

A shot is a sound that occurs for a very short time, but with many upper waves. Firearms are dominated by expanding moving gases accompanied by a bullet that breaks the sound barrier. The latter can reach 150 dB (A) at the muzzle, and approximately 10 dB (A) less in the ears. A single shot can cause permanent hearing loss. In the shooting range, due to the greater number of shots themselves and their reflections from the walls, the load is even higher.

Damage due to too loud noises occurs in the inner ear – a kind of labyrinth filled with a special liquid. Its walls are covered with sensitive cells with the finest hairs – 20,000 in each ear. The vibrations created by sound set the fluid in motion, the vibrations of which are transferred to the hairs of the cell. The latter form specific bioelectric impulses that are transmitted to the auditory center of the cerebral cortex. Unfortunately, these cells do not regenerate. The smaller they are, the weaker the hearing becomes.

How shooting headphones protect your hearing.  Shooting headphones.  Choose headphones for shooting practice

The human ear best perceives sounds in the range from 1 to 4 kHz. Very high or very low tones must be significantly louder to be heard at all.

The initial hearing loss is noted in the range from 4000 Hz, since the cells responsible for receiving this frequency are located in the place of the cochlea where a powerful sound is especially destructive for them. After that, due to prolonged exposure to noise, the process spreads to other areas of the cochlea.

To understand what hearing damage is, it is enough to know: with a long-term load, starting from 85 dB (A), irreversible hearing loss sets in, and the sound of a shot from a hunting rifle can create a noise level of over 170 dB (A)!

The strength of the sound of a shot affecting the ear is also determined by the accompanying circumstances. It is affected by air humidity, wind strength or the reflection of a sound wave from various objects.

Measurements of the sound intensity when firing various ammunition from hunting weapons in natural conditions gave interesting results. It turned out that there is not too much difference between the main calibers, suitable, at least for roe deer hunting. However, a shot from a short barrel sounds more deafening with a large powder charge.

During testing, it turned out that small-caliber cartridges, such as .222 Rem. or .22-250 Rem., about as loud as the more powerful medium caliber 8×57 IS, 9.3×62 or 9.3×64. Strikingly, the .30-06 Springf. (from a 56 cm barrel) turned out to be almost as high noise as the .300 Rem. UM fired from a 65 cm long barrel. The test results are shown in the table.

How shooting headphones protect your hearing.  Shooting headphones.  Choose headphones for shooting practice

Ear protection falls into two categories: those that are inserted into the ears and those that are worn over the ears. Ready molded plastic earplugs are inserted into the ear canal. They come with a microphone, which is made individually for each client, or without it. earplugslightweight, they can be carried with you everywhere, but they also have disadvantages – quick pollution and a short service life. Earplugs in various thicknesses made from treated polymer foam are available from EAR. Long (Grande model) have an increased sound-absorbing effect. More recent EAR Soft Yellow Neons are made from polyurethane foam. They are rounded on one side and cover the ear canal well. You can also purchase plate-shaped plastic earplugs that effectively cancel harmful noise peaks and enable those who wear them to perceive speech.

Earplugs EP3 Sonic Defenders™ . Sonic Defenders™ technology protects your ears, but does not interfere with the perception of surrounding sounds and conversations. Harmful sounds are passed through and perceived, while potentially harmful noises (above 80dB) are reduced with a special patented Hocks Noise Braker filter. They are made from a soft, anti-allergic polymer.

How shooting headphones protect your hearing.  Shooting headphones.  Choose headphones for shooting practice

Howard Leight Super Leight earplugs 

are recommended for industries with noise levels above 95 dB, including metal cutting, forging, road construction, firearms shooting, concrete production, air drills and hand power tools, motorcycle racing and other industries.
Distinguishing Features: The bell shape ensures maximum comfort for the user. The smooth surface prevents the accumulation of dirt and significantly extends the service life. The highest level of noise cancellation in earbuds plus unsurpassed acoustic performance at high frequencies.

Earplugs reduce noise pressure by about 20 dB(A). However, the big disadvantage is that they do not protect the skull bones around the ear, which are also sound conductors.

How shooting headphones protect your hearing.  Shooting headphones.  Choose headphones for shooting practice

“The main thing is the mass!” – this statement is the best suited to the sound-absorbing effect of the capsule liner in relation to sound waves. The larger the mass of the capsules, the better the sound protection. Distinguish between active and passive capsule hearing protection, or headphones. Passive headphones have a plastic housing with foam inserts. For a snug fit to the ear, smooth synthetic covers are used. They are easy to clean and can be replaced if heavily soiled. The thicker the pads, the better their soundproofing properties. However, a compromise must be made between sound insulation and wearing comfort. Ear protection should not interfere with shooting(ear protection shooting firearm).

The difference lies in the bearing arms. The plastic temples can be wrapped in synthetic material or have thick rubber pads for added comfort and to prevent slippage. The ear cups are height-adjustable on the temples, thus adapting to the shape of the head. Good models have plastic temples with padding or leather covers. Some headphones fold compactly.

How shooting headphones protect your hearing.  Shooting headphones.  Choose headphones for shooting practice

The headband and ear cup suspension distribute pressure evenly across the entire O-ring. The pressure should be neither too strong nor too weak. Soft sealing rings made of a special film keep a snug fit even when wearing glasses. The intra-capsular space should give enough room for the ear.

Headphones for shooting Tactical Pro Electronic

With them, you can easily determine the direction of the sound, chose for a long time, stopped at them. They also have the ability to connect a walkie-talkie, used it on a trike, in general, for all occasions.

Peltor Twin-Cup H10 offers good protection. 

Passive headphones have a new type of double-shell capsules(ear protection shooting firearm). They minimize the resulting resonance in the shell of the capsule.

How shooting headphones protect your hearing.  Shooting headphones.  Choose headphones for shooting practice

When shooting, active hearing protection with microphones is increasingly being used. The device picks up the sounds of the human voice and transmits them through an adjustable amplifier to a small speaker in the capsule. That is, the shooter can communicate normally. When hunting, you can use the volume control to amplify specific noises and thus hear the sounds made by animals. The playback takes place in stereo, so you can correctly determine the direction from which noises are coming. At the same time, the hunter can hear even better than without headphones how a wild boar digs the ground or how a roe deer moves. Sudden impulse shocks that reach harmful loudness are electrically limited to a maximum of 82 dB(A).

In some designs, when the limit of 82 dB (A) is reached, a cutoff occurs, and not a single sound is transmitted louder than the established norm. Electronic models block sound transmission at the moment when the shot sounds. In most cases, this happens within 3ms. Despite everything, the noise from outside still penetrates. Good wind protection is also an advantage.

Headphones for shooting Peltor Bull’s Eye Ultimate 10 (NRR 29dB) maximum protection for your hearing! Designed for firing large caliber weapons. Meet the highest noise attenuation requirements for people who are exposed to loud noises frequently and for long periods, such as shooting instructors(ear protection shooting firearm). The insulating rollers have ventilation channels and are covered with a soft, slightly rough, hygienic film.
– High performance hearing protection
– Light weight
– Optimal comfort

Designed for use in environments with increased requirements for noise protection and attenuate even the lowest frequency noise to the maximum extent .

The devices run on batteries. Duration of operation – not less than 250 hours, in some models – over 700 hours. If the microphone is forgotten to be turned off, it usually turns itself off after about two hours, which saves battery life. The volume is adjusted with the rotary knob or using the keys (in electronic models). Most devices have inputs for connecting radio devices or a mobile phone.

The most important thing in headphones is a snug fit, only under this condition is the maximum effect achieved(ear protection shooting firearm).

How shooting headphones protect your hearing.  Shooting headphones.  Choose headphones for shooting practice

The Peltor Com Tac Active Capsular Digital Hearing Protector is equipped with a microphone with an auto-mute function. It is worn on a spring steel shackle covered with leather and folds for transport. O-rings and soundproofing pads are subject to change.

The soft o-rings are filled with foam and liquid. They have special pressure reducing valves. Headphones weighing only 315 g have an audio input. They provide first-class audibility, the microphones turn off instantly when a shot is fired. After switching off, the preset volume level is retained. Thanks to the flat bowls, they are very suitable for shooters.

How shooting headphones protect your hearing.  Shooting headphones.  Choose headphones for shooting practice

The Peltor Pro Tac MT 15H7A has larger bowls than the ComTac and is well suited to calibers with very powerful shot sounds. Bi-directional microphones and speakers provide stereo sound and quick sound correction when firing(ear protection shooting firearm). The control buttons are covered with rubber. There is an audio input, as well as battery protection and low battery warning. Weight – 370 g.

MePaBlu Target – folding, flat, active headphones weighing 238 g. Batteries are rated for 1860 hours. Channels are regulated separately (in each bowl). The sound of the shot is extinguished very quickly(ear protection shooting firearm). Sounds can be amplified in steps. The Target has a plastic shackle. The attenuation of the pulses should be 29 dB(A). The Target model convincingly demonstrated itself in the shooting range and on the hunt.

MeBaBlu Silencer T-220 is an improved development of Target(ear protection shooting firearm). Active headphones are equipped with much larger cups with increased soundproofing power (impulse damping – 29 dB(A)). The 365-gram device is equipped with beryllium steel temples covered with soft artificial leather. The volume in the bowls can be adjusted. Headphones have an audio input. The three-chamber gel packing has proven itself very well. The helium filler gently wraps around all the bumps. In the future, the ear cups will be covered with a so-called “rubber varnish”, which absorbs sound and is very scratch resistant(ear protection shooting firearm).

Sording Cut Off are comfortable to wear active stereo headphones. The voluminous bowls are thick and perfectly absorb sounds even when fired with very “loud” ammunition. There is an audio connection. At the sound of a shot, the electronics quickly and accurately adjust the volume.

Active / tactical headphones Peltor Tactical 6 S (NRR 19dB) with an advanced electronic noise filtering system. They can amplify weak noises by 4.5 times, allowing you to hear noises that are almost indistinguishable without headphones, and the headphones instantly cut off loud noise if it exceeds the decibels specified in the parameters(ear protection shooting firearm).
= Protection against both continuous and pulsed noise.
= The maximum gain can be reduced in steps until it is turned off completely.
= Adjustable balance of right and left sides.
= Soft insulating bolsters for added comfort.
= Powered by four AAA batteries, more than 200 hours of operation.

Caldwell E-Max Low-Profile with reduced dimensions and maximum hearing protection! They have a stereo amplifier and two microphones. Provides more than 85 dB noise protection and amplifies quiet ambient sounds. Caldwell E-Max Low-Profile active shooting headphones are equipped with: – a power switch combined with a level control, an unobtrusive light indicator of the power on, as well as soft and comfortable overlays for your ears. The Caldwell E-Max Low-Profile Active Earmuffs are designed to keep you comfortable and protected while shooting.

How shooting headphones protect your hearing.  Shooting headphones.  Choose headphones for shooting practice

The Caldwell E-Max Low-Profile Active Headphones are equipped with two directional electronic microphones and special high-speed electronic circuitry that instantly suppresses loud sounds. What does it look like in practice? You calmly do your business – talk, listen, eat barbecue, etc. As soon as the system recognizes a loud sound, it immediately “mutes” it, giving you a “white noise” signal into your headphones. If you do not fill your head with clever words, then you will simply hear this loud sound (shot) very much muffled. Why are Caldwell E-Max Low-Profile active shooting headphones better than regular shooting headphones? First, comfort. It is often impossible to shout to a person in ordinary shooting headphones to warn, and this is sometimes VERY important … and it’s nice to hear what is happening around, not to mention other things.Caldwell E-max Low Profile headphones (USA) are the minimum dimensions and maximum hearing protection. Built-in stereo amplifier and two microphones.
– Protection is triggered when the limit of 85 dB is exceeded.
– Headphones are small in size and the minimum possible thickness.
– Equipped with volume control
– Operating range – 125-8000 Hz
– Noise reduction: 23 dB (comfortable audibility of the sound of a shot)

Supreme Pro active headphones have a dual function. A person in such headphones hears all the surrounding sounds and noises at 360 °, which allows him to freely focus on the sound. For example, he perfectly hears the beast making his way through the thicket of the forest (headphones have the ability to amplify the sound by 4 times). Those. the hunter hears more and better with headphones than without them. However How shooting headphones protect your hearing.  Shooting headphones.  Choose headphones for shooting practice

, when the weapon is fired, the electronic headphone system completely stops the effect of sound waves on the shooter’s eardrums. At the same time, the muffling of the sound lasts a little less than a second, more precisely 0.8 seconds, and protects the hearing not only from the shot, but also from its echo. But at the same time, the impact of a bullet on a target is clearly audible.

The headphones have a convenient volume control that can be operated even when wearing gloves. Powered by two AAA batteries, which are in a waterproof box, the kit is enough for approximately 600 hours of operation(ear protection shooting firearm).

A radio station can be connected to the headphones through a special connector and adapter cord, in which case the hunter can be in touch and at the same time hear everything that is happening around him. The materials from which the headphones are made provide the consumer with high comfort and complete isolation from the sound of a shot. They provide amplification of weak sounds up to 82 dB. and redemption of loud sounds up to 27 dB.

The headphones fold very compactly, the connecting arc is made of high-strength spring steel, trimmed with soft leather. It withstands loads of bending and even twisting well, has a fairly large adjustment to the size of the user’s head. The headphones brought into working condition, after working for 4 hours, turn off automatically in order to save battery power, but can be turned on again without interruption.

MegaEars ME II-GRAY active headphones are designed to protect your ears from loud sounds that can damage your hearing. Headphones suppress sound to a safe level of 92 dB. Along with protection from loud sounds, they also have another, no less valuable quality – amplification of weak noises. This makes it possible to clearly hear everything that is happening around. Natural sounds, passing through the headphones, are amplified, not distorted or cut off.

How shooting headphones protect your hearing.  Shooting headphones.  Choose headphones for shooting practiceThe MegaEarsTM amplifying and protective system is designed in such a way that the headphones fit snugly around the ears. When putting on the headphones, make sure that the microphones located under the rim of each earbud are facing forward. Knowing the direction of the sound source, you can determine the distance to it. Keep in mind that sounds are best processed by microphones located on the front of the headphones. Therefore, if you need to study the area behind you, you should turn the headphones back to front. The human voice is picked up by the headphones at any gain level, and loud sounds are suppressed to a safe level.

The volume controls, which are also responsible for turning the equipment on and off, are located on both headphones. This arrangement of the controls makes it possible to control each earpiece separately. The MegaEarsTM headphones are powered by four AA batteries, two in each earbud. On the back of each earpiece is a jack for connecting a thermal imager. The volume controls do not affect incoming signals in any way. When using stereo plugs, the sound comes from them.

Headphones for shooting MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X Camo
Foldable, active, waterproof headphones from the Swedish company “MSA Sordin” are a world novelty in the field of electronic hearing protection and an excellent solution for hunting and sports shooting enthusiasts. Windproof stereo microphones provide a 360-degree sound “picture” that allows you to focus on the sound. Stereo sound supports and enhances the ability to determine the direction of sound. When firing, noise suppression is about one second (0.8 sec.) and protects hearing from the sound and echo of the shot, while the impact of the bullet is clearly audible. The volume controls are large and conveniently located and accessible, well felt even with gloves, which is very convenient in cold weather. Headphones are supplied with two AAA batteries in the block protected from moisture. Included input connector and adapter cord for connecting a radio station, additional equipment and enjoy radio and surround sound at the same time. Headphone protection with leatherette ear cushions for enhanced comfort and isolation from external sounds. The connecting arch is made of high-strength spring steel, with an adjustable leather slip. Auto power off 4 hours after power on or last setting. Designed for both right-handed and left-handed shooters.

The main difference from the Supreme Pro version :

These headphones can be completely immersed in water, including salt-saturated sea water – and at the same time they continue to work! Protection against dust and water IP 67 (tested by the Swedish National Institute of Research and Testing).

Headphones for shooting MSA Sordin Supreme Basic
Foldable, active, waterproof headphones from the Swedish company “MSA Sordin” is a world novelty in the field of electronic hearing protection and the perfect solution for hunting and sport shooting enthusiasts. Windproof stereo microphones provide a 360-degree sound “picture” that allows you to focus on the sound. Stereo sound supportsimproves the ability to determine the direction of the sound. When firing, noise suppression is about one second (0.8 sec.) and protects hearing from the sound and echo of the shot. The volume controls are large and conveniently located and accessible, well felt even with gloves, which is very convenient in cold weather. The headphones are powered by two AAA batteries. Ear protection with leather cushions for enhanced comfort and isolation from external sounds. The connecting arch is made of high-strength spring steel, with an adjustable leather slip. Auto power off 4 hours after power on or last setting. Designed for both right-handed and left-handed shooters(ear protection shooting firearm).

Headphones Leightning LOF

Inexpensive, compact and lightweight headphones manufactured by HOWARD LEIGHT INDUSTRIES, LLC (USA) . They muffle the sound of a shot well. The headband of shooting headphones is made of spring-loaded wire and is adjustable to the size of the head.
Protection level 23db . Maximum convenience and compactness during use, transportation and storage.

It is important to use ear protection when shooting a firearm because the noise produced by the gunshot can be damaging to your hearing. The sound of a gunshot can reach decibel levels of 140 or higher, which can cause permanent hearing loss. Wearing ear protection, such as earplugs or earmuffs, can help reduce the noise level and protect your hearing(ear protection shooting firearm).

In addition to protecting your hearing, ear protection can also help you focus and concentrate while shooting. The noise of the gunshot can be distracting and make it more difficult to aim accurately. Wearing ear protection can help block out this noise and allow you to concentrate on your shot.

Finally, wearing ear protection while shooting can help reduce the risk of injury to others in the area. The noise of the gunshot can be jarring and potentially harmful to people nearby, especially if they are not wearing ear protection. By wearing ear protection, you can help reduce the overall noise level and protect the hearing of those around you.

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Some info about guns topic: 

There are a variety of reasons why some people in the United States may be interested in guns. Some people may own guns for hunting, sport shooting, or self-defense. Others may be interested in collecting guns as a hobby.

Guns have a long and complex history in the United States, and the right to bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. This amendment has been the subject of much debate and interpretation, and it has been used to justify the ownership of guns for a variety of purposes.

In addition to the cultural and legal factors that contribute to gun ownership in the United States, there are also practical considerations that may influence people’s decisions to own guns. For example, in some parts of the country, guns may be seen as a necessary tool for protecting oneself and one’s family from wild animals or other threats(ear protection shooting firearm).

It’s important to note that gun ownership is not universal in the United States, and there is a wide range of opinions on the issue. Some people support stricter gun control laws, while others believe that individuals have the right to own and use guns for lawful purposes.

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As a state, the USA has a deep and enduring bond with weapons. weapons, that have been part of the fabric of American society since the start of this U.S.A(America) are still a source of satisfaction for plenty of Americans. whether for searching, recreational shooting, or personal protection, most gun proprietors see the proper to undergo hands as relevant to their freedom.
American Precision Firearms is a gun manufacturer and supplier based in the United States. Our company offers a range of firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns, as well as ammunition and accessories. American Precision Firearms is known for producing high-quality, accurate, and reliable firearms for a variety of purposes, including hunting, sport shooting, and self-defense(ear protection shooting firearm).

how we can make online purchase of gun and guns material secure:

There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure the security of an online purchase of guns or gun-related materials:

  1. Research the seller: Make sure that you are purchasing from a reputable and trustworthy seller. Look for reviews and ratings from other customers, and do your own research on the seller’s reputation.
  2. Use a secure payment method: Use a secure payment method such as a credit card or a trusted online payment service to make your purchase. Avoid using wire transfers or other methods that may not offer the same level of security.
  3. Keep personal information private: Be careful about sharing personal information, such as your home address or phone number, with the seller. Use a P.O. box or other secure address for delivery if possible.
  4. Follow the law: Make sure that you are following all relevant laws and regulations regarding the purchase and possession of guns and gun-related materials. This may include obtaining any necessary licenses or permits and ensuring that you are eligible to make the purchase.
  5. Use a secure connection: When making an online purchase, make sure that you are using a secure connection, such as a secured WiFi network or a virtual private network (VPN). This can help protect your personal and financial information from being accessed by third parties.

By following these steps, you can help ensure the security of your online gun purchase and protect your personal and financial information.

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