The Strike One SPEED: the ultimate price-performance gun?

The Strike One pistol by Arsenal Firearms is the fastest gun in the planet since has the lowest possible barrel that decreases drastically the recoil”

Shoot Show, Las Vegas 2023

With this words has been presented the Strike One SPEED at the 2023 Shoot Show Edition in Las Vegas.

Since when the gun has arrived in United States the mechanism system of the gun has improved every single possible detail, everyone started talking about it.

Before presenting the main versions of the Strike One Speed, let’s talk about the main features of the Strike FAMILY of handguns.

The Strike One pistol by Arsenal Firearms is revolutionizing the world of firearms

This pistol is touted as the fastest gun in the world, and there’s good reason for it. The Strike One SPEED features the world’s lowest possible barrel, which drastically reduces the amount of recoil generated.

This makes it the ideal choice for close quarters combat, as the decreased recoil allows for quicker, more accurate shots. In addition to its low barrel design, the Strike One SPEED also features a unique rail system.

This rail system allows for a variety of accessories to be attached to the pistol, making it even more versatile.

It can be outfitted with a laser sight, flashlight, or other attachments to fit the needs of the user.

The Strike One SPEED is not just a powerful weapon; it’s also a reliable one. It’s constructed from the highest quality materials and has been tested for extreme conditions. It’s built to last and won’t let its users down when it matters most.

With its low barrel design and versatile rail system, it’s the perfect choice for close quarters combat situations.

Its reliability and durability make it a great choice for anyone looking for a fast and incredible weapon.

Strike One Pistol – The Fastest Semiautomatic Firearm in the World

The innovative geometric lock system and super short reset guarantee the fastest semiautomatic firing in the market today.

The AF-1 Strike One Speed pistol is available in four calibers: 9x19mm,.357 SIG and.40 S&W.

Why the Fastest Gun in the Planet?

There are some people that have a talent that sets them apart from the rest. Bob Munden is one of those special few. He was famous for being able to draw and shoot a gun in a fraction of a second. In fact, he was so good at it that he was named the “Fastest Man with a Gun Who Ever Lived” by Guinness World Records.

In addition the amazing speed that this gun carrys, he was also known for being incredibly accurate. He could hold targets at six feet away and fire two bullets in a tenth of a second. He was able to do this by using a Colt 1851 Navy revolver with ivory grips and nickel plating.

He is considered to be a world record holder in fast-draw competitions and is often seen performing at various shows across the country. He has been featured in a number of different movies, including Stan Lee’s Superhumans.

It’s a great film and Broderick Crawford and Glenn Ford make for an excellent cast. Their performances are believable and provide a great backdrop for the story.

Some of the best things about this movie are the climaxes, which are extremely dramatic. It’s a very enjoyable and entertaining movie that is worth watching again and again.

The Strike One pistol by Arsenal Firearms is a semiautomatic weapon and hammerless, designed to be the fastest gun in the world.

Strike One SPEED has the potential to be fired up to 800 rounds per minute.

This rate of fire can greatly increase the winning potential of a shooter in rapid-fire sports shooting events such as IPSC and USPSA.

It is also a fantastic tool for self-defense.

In addition to being the fastest pistol in the world, the strike one also features a unique geometric lock system. This system prevents muzzle flip and ensures a quick firing pin release. The geometric lock is a key part of the design, which allows for a very short reset and a crisp trigger pull.

The Lowest Possible Barrel

The Strike One pistol is a unique design that was originally introduced in 2012. Today the pistol features a novel non-tilting action that harkens back to the Bergmann-Mars 1903 pistol’s floating locking block system, which makes it the single unique incredible innovation of his functionality.

It has an incredibly low bore axis, which decreases drastically the recoil of the weapon. This greatly improves the accuracy of the gun and makes it more controllable. It also decreases the recoil of the barrel by about half, compared to most other pistols in its class.

Another key feature of the Strike One pistol is its inline barrel system.

This system allows the barrel to be manufactured in a single piece, and allows it to have extremely tight tolerances. This is something that has never been done before in any firearms production.

This is also why the Strike One pistol has a very low bore axis, which means that there is less leverage for the barrel to rise during the recoil. This is important because it reduces the amount of recoil energy that the gun will have, which in turn reduces the risk of injury from the recoil, or just basically the slowness created from the recoil movement itself.

The handgun is designed with a very low slide that will make it easier for shooters to grip. This will help to prevent the shooter from accidentally dropping the magazine when the slide is closed. This will also allow for better reloading, which will make the pistol more accurate.

The Strike One pistol also has a unique striker block. This striker block is a small machined piece of steel with a triangular lug that is inserted into the frame instead of being mounted to the slide like many other pistols do. This striker block interfaces with another similar lug that is pushed out of the way when the trigger is pulled to prevent the striker from striking the primer of the chambered round, or from hitting the striker block if it is jostled loose.

The striker block is an interesting feature that is very important to the Strike One pistol’s performance and safety. It plays a big role in making sure that the slide is as low as possible and also allowing for a very short trigger pull.

The Fastest Trigger

Ever since Gaston Glock popularized the polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol design in 1982 there have been countless attempts to out-Glock it. But few if any of them have come close to the Strike One Speed.

The Strike One Speed’s engineers always aimed to surmount a number of issues that tend to plague many large-scale issue duty pistols. The primary concern, of course, is reliability above all else.

To help alleviate this issue, the Strike One Speed employs a unique barrel lockup system. Rather than using the familiar tilting-barrel method, the Strike One Speed relies on a girdle-shaped trunnion that is pulled downward as the slide and barrel travel rearward under recoil. This trunnion, which holds the barrel firmly inside of it, is secured to the frame via a take-down pin that is inserted through the rear of the slide.

The result is that the Strike One Speed is able to maintain its stability and balance much better than a typical tilting-barrel gun. That means the grip of the Strike One Speed isn’t prone to the jarring movement that comes from other large-scale service pistols, making it a pleasure to shoot.

And, in terms of accuracy, the Strike One Speed is a real winner too. It’s far more accurate than a custom Hi Power, and at least in fast combat shooting it beats out the SIG P210 by a significant margin.

Lastly, the Strike One Speed has one of the fastest triggers on the market.

This is thanks to the innovative rotating-sliding trigger invented specifically and only for this gun in the world market.

This trigger is a two-stage lever that features a machined hard-chromed and polished pivot to eliminate any roughness in the trigger pull. It’s also curved and serrated for flat finger contact and includes a two-stage transfer bar.

The result is a trigger that has a very short arc of travel, and a very crisp reset. This makes it possible to shoot the Strike One Speed at speeds that are unheard of with most other large-scale, issued duty pistols.

The Lightest Gun in the World

If you are a fan of small and lightweight firearms, you’ll love this one. It was designed to be easy to carry and quick to use, making it an excellent choice for personal defense. It is also a good choice for law enforcement agencies, especially because it can be carried without the fear of being stolen or misplaced.

In fact, this pistol has a special feature that makes it the lightest gun in the world. The frame is made from a special grippy material that allows you to grip the pistol and shoot it smoothly and easily. The frame is also shaped in a way that it is able to resist abrasion and damage.

The Strike One SPEED is a striker-fired, polymer-framed pistol with a steel slide. It’s designed to be used by service and military personnel, but it can also be a good option for civilians who prefer to open-carry. It is also a great choice for holster enthusiasts, as the frame can be easily concealed with the right rig.

Its ambi magazine release is a big plus for those who don’t want to have to constantly switch between hands to load and unload the magazines. It also prevents accidental magazine drops, which can be dangerous and difficult to fix.

In conclusion

This pistol is designed to be very controllable and accurate, and it’s capable of firing high-velocity rounds that have been boosted with enhanced steel. It also features a proprietary locking block that locks the barrel after a few millimeters of rearward movement.

Another feature that sets this pistol apart from other guns is its low bore axis. The lower the bore axis, the less the angle that recoil can cause the muzzle to flip up, which is important for a safe, effective, and reliable shooting experience. The gun’s barrel is also secured to the frame by a special locking lug, which only lets the barrel move a few millimeters backwards as it cycles through the slide.

The AF-1 Strike One is the only firearm in the world that combines all of these characteristics into one single pistol. It is fast, easy to control, and highly accurate, making it an extremely useful weapon for both recreational and professional purposes.

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  1. What rifling is used?
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    How many lands & grooves? (Or hills & valley’s if Polygonal)
    What’s the twist rate?
    Are your barrels chrome lined? If not, what are they made of? 4140 tool steel? or what?
    How many cartridges can it hold in the magazine?

    Thanks for answering my questions

  2. Are there any plans to revamp the grip texture? It seems as though it would leave a lot to be desired. At least 3rd party options such as Talon or Handleitgrips would be very helpful. Otherwise seems like a fantastic firearm.


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