Vybram grips for Tanfoglio P19L-P21L-T95F


  • Long grips, not compatibe with magwell
  • Vibram model
  • Compatible with Tanfoglio P19L-P21L-T95F-Stock (old model)
  • Screws included

MORE INFO: Weight 53,5g / 1,88oz Material: Aluminum SKU: GT21V-BL EAN: 8052464317349

COMPATIBILITY: Tanfoglio P19-P21-T95F


What is and why is used the material VIBRAM in precision components like handgun grips?

Vibram is a brand known for its high-performance rubber outsoles primarily used in footwear, such as hiking boots and athletic shoes. However, it’s not commonly used as a material for handgun grips. Precision components like handgun grips are typically made from materials that provide a combination of durability, comfort, and grip.

Materials commonly used for handgun grips include:

  1. Wood: Traditional and aesthetically pleasing. It offers a classic look and can be customized.
  2. Polymer: Lightweight, durable, and resistant to weather conditions. Commonly used in modern handguns.
  3. Rubber: Provides a comfortable and non-slip grip. It can absorb recoil, making it popular for reducing hand fatigue during shooting.
  4. G10: A high-pressure fiberglass laminate known for its strength, durability, and resistance to chemicals.

While Vibram is not a common material for handgun grips, it’s possible that some manufacturers may experiment with different materials, including rubber compounds, in their grips to enhance grip performance. However, the specific use of Vibram in handgun grips would depend on the manufacturer’s design choices and the desired characteristics for the grips, such as enhanced traction and comfort.

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Black, Blue, Red, Silver

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Vybram grips for Tanfoglio P19L-P21L-T95F - Silver
Vybram grips for Tanfoglio P19L-P21L-T95F