Vibram grips for Beretta 92X – beretta 92x grip


  • MORE INFO: Weight 59,2g / 2,08 oz
  • Material: Aluminum
  • SKU: GB92XV
  • EAN: 8055060645373
  • COMPATIBILITY: Beretta 92X Performance
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The Vibram grip for the Beretta 92x is a cutting-edge ergonomic enhancement designed to elevate your shooting experience. Crafted from high-quality rubberized materials, the Vibram grip offers a superior level of comfort, control, and durability. Its textured surface ensures a secure hold even in adverse conditions, minimizing recoil impact and enhancing accuracy. The precision-engineered design seamlessly integrates with the Beretta 92x frame, providing a seamless fit and easy installation. Whether on the range or in tactical situations, the Vibram grip transforms your Beretta 92x into a reliable extension of your hand, delivering enhanced handling and performance for both professional and recreational shooters.

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Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Sand, Silver

Weight (OZ)

2,08 oz


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Vibram grips for Beretta 92X - Black
Vibram grips for Beretta 92X – beretta 92x grip