Beretta 92x Upgraded Trigger – Full Kit for Performance/Defensive


TR-1 UPGRADE is the top-class quality of triggers to increase and optimize the performance of your competitive gun.

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The trigger pack, made with original Beretta components completely handcrafted, has been designed to be mounted on the Beretta 92X Performance and on models such as Steel, Billenium, Centennial, Stock, Combat, the new DEFENSIVE and on all those models with ambidextrous safety devices present beretta 92x trigger gun. on the stem.

The TR-1® X PERFORMANCE, consists of:

  • Dog Skeleton Match worked
  • Sear DLC, polished and lightened in the release of the single action;
  • Door Molla Cane (hammer), worked with different angles and mirror finished;
  • Correggiolo barrel cap, finished for a more sliding housing for the hammer spring (hammer);
  • Compass Cane 92x machined beretta 92x trigger gun\
    • Linkage 92x DLC, ground trigger linkage pin, high follower spring travel and shorter than stock single action re-engagement.
    • Performance Cane Spring included (except for 92X models)

Kit components


  • Cane (hammer) Skeletonized Match
  • sear
  • Dog Spring Holder (hammer)
  • Correggiolo stem cap
  • Compass Dog (hammer)
  • Link Lever
  • Sealed box
  • Patch Low Profile in pvc
  • Hammer Spring (Except for 92x)

* The “ESSENTIAL” and “COMPLETE” KITS can be used with the original springs. The trigger pack comes with a shockproof waterproof case and a FREE TR-1 beretta 92x trigger gun patch.

Thanking you for choosing our product, which will surely allow you to quickly acquire greater mastery in handling and better shooting performance, we remind you to always use your weapon in full compliance with the safety standards.


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