Ergal Essential Kit for Glock 42 and X versions


Introducing the TR-1 UPGRADE Glock 42 Trigger Enhancement – Elevate your shooting experience with precision and reliability. Crafted by renowned Italian manufacturer TR-1 UPGRADE, this innovative trigger upgrade for the Glock 42 is designed to redefine performance and responsiveness.

Experience a smoother, crisper trigger pull that enhances accuracy and control, allowing for quick and precise shots. The TR-1 UPGRADE Glock 42 Trigger boasts superior craftsmanship and engineering, ensuring a consistent and reliable trigger performance with every squeeze.

Constructed with the highest quality materials, this upgrade not only improves the feel of your Glock 42 trigger but also guarantees durability and longevity. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a first-time shooter, the TR-1 UPGRADE Glock 42 Trigger is a must-have accessory for those seeking an enhanced shooting experience.

Upgrade your Glock 42 with confidence – TR-1 UPGRADE delivers precision, quality, and innovation, setting a new standard in trigger enhancements for the discerning shooter. Elevate your performance, redefine your accuracy – choose TR-1 UPGRADE.

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Introducing the TR-1 upgrade® CROCODILE™ ERGAL ESSENTIAL Kit for Glock 42 and X versions (product code: 1000090).

Key Features:

  • CNC-machined ERGAL Crocodile™ Trigger with a red safety trigger
  • Crafted using original Glock components, customized by TR-1 operators
  • Features scratch-resistant matte black military-grade galvanization
  • Innovative knurl design on the front for enhanced finger positioning
  • Lateral bevel for a smoother trigger pull and release
  • Includes a “Memory point” for precise finger placement
  • Permanent laser-pigmented TR-1 lettering and front adjustment pre-travel screw

The Essential Kit consists of:

  • CNC ERGAL Crocodile Trigger with pre-travel adjustment and red aluminum safety trigger
  • Trigger bar with unique machining and mirror finish
  • 2 adjustment keys

Compatible with Glock 42 and X versions.

Inside the TR-1® Crocodile™ package, you’ll find:

  • Crocodile™ Trigger and Trigger Bar
  • A shockproof and pressurized protective case
  • An adjustment screwdriver
  • A complimentary TR-1® PVC patch

This kit can be used with the original springs of the firing pin and firing pin safety. It is provided with a new shockproof watertight casing and a free TR-1® PVC patch. By choosing this product, you’ll enhance your firearm handling skills and improve shooting performance while maintaining safety standards.


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Ergal Essential Kit for Glock 42 and X versions