TR-1 ® Essential Kit for Beretta 90 series

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Introducing the TR-1® Essential Kit tailored for Beretta 90 series (code: 100007/01).

Technical Specifications: Our trigger pack is meticulously handcrafted using authentic Beretta components.

The TR-1® Essential Kit includes:

  • A double-action lever skillfully crafted with varying angles and a polished mirror finish.
  • A double-action spring cap designed to provide a smoother housing for the hammer spring.

Kit Components:

  • TR-1® “ESSENTIAL” contains:
    • Double action lever
    • Double action spring cap

Noteworthy: The “ESSENTIAL” Kit is compatible with original springs, and the official TR-1 patch is included in the total price of the COMPLETE kit.

We express our gratitude for choosing our product, which undoubtedly promises to enhance your firearm handling skills and elevate your shooting performance. We kindly emphasize the importance of always operating your weapon in strict compliance with established safety standards.


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