TR-1® Crocodile™ Round/Flat Trigger Double Action Beretta


The Crocodile™ Round/Flat Double Action Trigger (Beretta code: 1000181) is a versatile trigger option made from aeronautical aluminum, compatible with Beretta models featuring Slide Safety and Frame Safety. Key technical features include Double Action and Single Action modes, Memory Points for precision, rounded edges, and a rounded design. The package includes the trigger, adjustable grain stop, lightened trigger spring, and an adjustment screw. Please note that Loctite is not included but is recommended for installation, which should ideally be performed by a professional Gunsmith for optimal results.

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Introducing the TR-1® Crocodile™ Double Action Trigger (Beretta code: 1000181), available in both round and flat profiles, crafted from aeronautical aluminum (Ergal). This versatile trigger is compatible with all Beretta series featuring Slide Safety and Frame Safety mechanisms.

Key Technical Features:

  • Operates in both Double Action and Single Action modes
  • Equipped with Memory Points for precision
  • Features rounded edges for ergonomic comfort
  • Available in a rounded design for a classic look
  • Comes with a built-in trigger stop for enhanced control

Included in the Package:

  • Crocodile Double Action Trigger
  • Adjustable Trigger Grain Stop
  • Lightened Trigger Spring for improved performance
  • Adjustment Screw for customization

Please note that the kit does not include Loctite (thread lock glue), but we strongly recommend its use during installation for added security. For a seamless installation, we advise consulting a professional Gunsmith.


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