Strike One MARK II


  • 5.5″ threaded bbl
  • Ultragrip in Techno-polymer
  • Fixed rear sight
  • Gun weight (empty magazine): 1.83 LBs
  • Straight trigger
  • 5.5″ barrel length – 1.3″ width – 5.63″ height
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ALL the Strike ONE series share these incredibly innovative features:

Lowest Bore Axis in the market = Reduced Recoil and muzzle jump = Improved Control = Enhanced Accuracy

  • Red Dot Optic ready
  • AF SPEEDLOCK® System: fast cycling shooting handgun
  • Three Points Sight system: Rapid Target Acquisition

Mark II general technical specifications:

  • Semi automatic handgun
  • Single action only 9mm Caliber
  • Trigger and firing pin safety
  • Steel slider machined from solid 42CrMo4, anti corrosion coating
  • Ambidextrous magazine catch button

How is low the barrel in a Strike One Mark II compared to a regular handgun?

Nothing could explain better than this picture:

Strike One comparison

Colors available for the Strike ONE Arsenal Firearms Strike One MARK II

A comparison of the whole Strike One family

As you can see from this gallery below, the Strike family comes in 5 different possible model, each one offers many different colors.

The basic model is the Strike ONE, polymer framed, basic trigger. Is the most inexpensive as well of the whole line. (Retail price: $799.00).

The second model is the MARK II, which is recognizable by its threaded barrels, allowing the user to attach a compensator or a suppressor. (Retail price: $954.00).

The third model is the entry level Strike SPEED, which features an opticready and adjustable sight, as well as an upgraded trigger. This trigger offers a tangible difference in mechanics compared to the basic models. (Retail price: $1,143.00).

The fourth model is the Strike Speed ERGAL, which features an aluminium frame and an upgraded trigger for competitive shooting. This model also includes a bubbled grip on the metal, offering a stable and reliable shooting experience. (Retail price: $2,779.99).

And at the end the top for competition model: the Strike Ergal PRO. Still all in aluminium frame, this model variation comes with no grip on the metal, which allows the shooter to customize the grip based on his personal preference. This model sets with the highest quality trigger you’ll ever find in a strike. (Retail price: $2,989.99).

Where you can buy the threaded barrel arsenal firearms strike one?

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What experts and professional shooters say about the Threaded Barrel arsenal firearms strike one MARK II?

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Strike One MARK II