Standard magwell for Strike One / Mark II / SPEED


Compatible with Toni System base pad

MORE INFO: Weight 25,5 g / 0,89 oz SKU: MSK-BK EAN: 8052464318605 Measures: Width 43mm

COMPATIBILITY: Arsenal Firearms Strike One Speed – Arsenal Firearms Mark 2


The Standard Magwell for the Strike One pistol is a specialized accessory designed to enhance the ease and efficiency of magazine changes during shooting. The magwell attaches to the grip of the pistol and features a widened and flared opening that accommodates the insertion of magazines more smoothly. Here’s a breakdown of its features and benefits:


1. **Flared Opening:** The magwell features a flared opening at the base of the grip. This design allows the shooter to easily guide the magazine into the pistol’s magazine well without the need for precise alignment.

2. **Widened Design:** The magwell is wider than the standard grip profile. This wider opening provides a larger target area for inserting the magazine, reducing the chances of fumbling or missing the magazine well under stress or during rapid reloads.

3. **Improved Grip:** The magwell’s extension slightly increases the grip’s overall length, providing a more secure and comfortable hold on the pistol. This can enhance stability and control during shooting.

4. **Easy Installation:** The standard magwell is designed to be easily installed onto the pistol’s grip with minimal tools or modifications. It typically attaches securely in place, ensuring stability during shooting.


1. **Faster Reloads:** The flared opening and wider design of the magwell make it much easier to guide and insert the magazine into the pistol. This results in quicker and more reliable reloads during shooting, which is crucial in competitive shooting and self-defense scenarios.

2. **Reduced Fumbling:** The larger target area and flared opening reduce the chances of fumbling or missing the magazine well when attempting to reload under pressure. This can be especially beneficial during high-stress situations.

3. **Consistency:** The standard magwell promotes consistent reloads, helping to minimize variations in reloading speed and accuracy across different shooting scenarios.

4. **Competitive Advantage:** In competitive shooting, where fractions of a second matter, the standard magwell can give shooters a competitive edge by allowing for faster and more reliable magazine changes.

5. **Training Efficiency:** The magwell’s design can aid in training for efficient magazine changes. With practice, shooters can develop muscle memory for smoothly guiding magazines into the pistol.

6. **Enhanced Shooting Experience:** For those who enjoy recreational shooting or training, the magwell can enhance the overall shooting experience by making reloads smoother and more intuitive.

It’s important to note that while the standard magwell provides significant benefits for improving magazine changes, individual preferences and shooting styles may vary. Some shooters may prefer a more streamlined grip without a magwell, while others may prioritize the advantages it offers. Ultimately, the decision to use a magwell depends on the shooter’s needs, shooting context, and personal preferences.

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Standard magwell for Strike One - Silver
Standard magwell for Strike One / Mark II / SPEED