Red dot base for Benelli, Browning, Winchester



MORE INFO: Material: Aluminum SKU: OPXBBWA EAN: 8055060648985

COMPATIBILITY: Benelli Argo – Benelli Argo E – Benelli Argo E Pro – Benelli Argo E Comfortech – Benelli Argo E Comfortech Amazonia Green – Benelli Argo E Comfortech Camo APG – Benelli Argo E EL – Benelli Argo E Wood – Benelli E Battue – Benelli Argo E Compact Black – Benelli Argo E Fluted – Benelli Endurance BE.S.T. – Benelli R1 Comfortech 338 – Browning Bar II – Browning Bar Long Trac – Browning Bar Short Trac – Browning Bar MK3 – Browning Bar MK3 Hunter Fluted – Browning Bar MK3 Eclipse Fluted – Browning Bar MK3 Compo Eclipse Gold HC – Browning Bar MK3 Limited Edition Wildboar G4 – Browning Bar MK3 Reflex Composite HC CF – Browning Bar Short-Long Trac Tracker – Browning MK3 Composite HC Tracker – Browning Bar Affut Boss – Browning Fusion – Browning Maxus – Winchester SXR Vulcan

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Introducing our versatile Red Dot Base Type A – the ultimate solution for seamlessly integrating a wide range of red dot sights onto your Benelli, Browning, or Winchester firearms. Engineered with precision and compatibility in mind, this base opens up a world of enhanced accuracy and rapid target acquisition for your favorite shotgun.

Universal Compatibility: Our Red Dot Base Type A is designed to accommodate various popular red dot sight models, ensuring a snug and secure fit for your Benelli, Browning, or Winchester firearm. Say goodbye to compatibility concerns and explore new sighting options with ease.

Enhanced Accuracy: Elevate your shooting experience with improved precision and on-target shots. The red dot sight attachment enhances your aim and helps you maintain focus on your target, whether you’re in the field, at the range, or engaging in competitive shooting.

Rugged Durability: Crafted from durable materials, the Red Dot Base Type A is built to withstand the rigors of shooting activities, providing long-lasting reliability. Its robust construction ensures your red dot sight remains securely attached, even during intensive shooting sessions.

Quick and Easy Installation: Installing our Red Dot Base Type A is hassle-free and straightforward. You don’t need specialized tools or extensive gunsmithing experience – simply follow the user-friendly instructions, and you’ll be ready to take advantage of the benefits of a red dot sight in no time.

Unleash the potential of your Benelli, Browning, or Winchester shotgun with the Red Dot Base Type A. Transform your firearm into a precision instrument, enabling you to engage targets with unparalleled accuracy. Whether you’re a hunting enthusiast, a competitive shooter, or a dedicated sportsman, this base offers a gateway to enhanced performance and an exciting shooting experience. Upgrade your shotgun today and experience the difference a red dot sight can make.


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Red dot base for Benelli, Browning, Winchester