Short grips 1911 –  X3D model


The grips obtained from solid material using a 3D manufacturing process. The grips have a variable surface selection, that results in an ergonomic feel in the shooter’s hand. Magwell compatible.

MORE INFO: Weight 53.2 g / 1.87 oz Material: Aluminum SKU: G19113DC EAN: 8052464310371

COMPATIBILITY: 1911 (and similar) – 1911 ADC – 1911 Kimber – Nighthawk Custom Falcon


Short grips for the 1911 model handguns are specialized accessories designed to enhance the ergonomics and handling of these iconic pistols. Crafted with precision, these grips offer a reduced length compared to standard grips, catering to individuals with smaller hands or those seeking a more compact grip profile.

Short grips provide a comfortable and secure hold on the 1911 pistol, allowing the shooter to maintain better control and accuracy during firing. They often feature textured or stippled surfaces to ensure a non-slip grip, even in adverse conditions. The design of these grips preserves the classic aesthetic of the 1911 while offering a modern touch.

Whether for concealed carry, competition, or personal preference, short grips are a valuable customization option for the 1911 model, tailoring the pistol’s grip to the shooter’s unique needs and improving overall shooting experience.

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Black, Blue, Brass, Orange, Red, Silver

Weight (OZ)

1.87 oz


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Short grips 1911 -  X3D model - Brass
Short grips 1911 –  X3D model