Sear jigs for 1911 and clones


COMPATIBILITY: 1911 (and similar) – 1911 ADC

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Introducing Toni System’s Sear Jigs for 1911 and Clones – the ultimate tool for precision firearm enthusiasts. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these sear jigs are designed to enhance the performance of your 1911 and compatible pistols.

Toni System’s Sear Jigs are engineered to streamline the critical process of trigger job and sear engagement adjustments, making it easier than ever to achieve a crisp and reliable trigger pull. Whether you’re a competitive shooter looking for that extra edge or a dedicated firearm hobbyist seeking perfection in your pistol’s trigger system, these jigs provide the accuracy and repeatability you need.

Made from high-quality materials and featuring a user-friendly design, Toni System’s Sear Jigs ensure consistent results, reducing the guesswork in fine-tuning your firearm’s trigger. Elevate your shooting experience with Toni System’s Sear Jigs for 1911 and clones, and experience the difference in precision and control with every shot.

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Sear jigs for 1911 and clones - Black
Sear jigs for 1911 and clones