Dovetail base plate for red dot(type A) for Beretta APX RDO – Combat



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**Product Technical Description: Red Dot Base Plate for Beretta APX Models RDO and Combat**


The Red Dot Base Plate designed for Beretta APX Models RDO and Combat is a precision-engineered accessory that enables seamless integration of popular red dot sights onto these specific Beretta APX models. This innovative base plate enhances target acquisition, accuracy, and overall shooting performance by allowing users to mount a variety of red dot sights securely and effortlessly.

**Key Features:**

1. **Compatibility:** The Red Dot Base Plate is meticulously engineered to fit Beretta APX models equipped with RDO (Red Dot Optic) and Combat configurations. It offers a perfect fit without compromising the firearm’s structural integrity.

2. **Universal Red Dot Compatibility:** This base plate accommodates a wide range of popular red dot sight models, offering versatility and allowing users to choose the optimal sight for their shooting preferences. It is compatible with leading red dot sight brands such as Aimpoint, Trijicon, Vortex, and Holosun, among others.

3. **Durable Construction:** Crafted from high-grade, durable materials, the base plate ensures long-lasting performance and reliability under various shooting conditions. It can withstand recoil forces and environmental factors without compromising the zeroing of the red dot sight.

4. **Precise Machining:** The base plate undergoes precision CNC machining to guarantee a tight and secure fit onto the Beretta APX slide. This meticulous craftsmanship maintains consistent alignment between the firearm’s bore axis and the red dot sight, preserving accuracy and allowing for rapid target acquisition.

5. **Easy Installation:** The Red Dot Base Plate is designed for user-friendly installation without the need for specialized tools. It includes all necessary hardware and detailed instructions, making the mounting process straightforward and hassle-free.

6. **Elevation and Windage Adjustments:** The base plate incorporates elevation and windage adjustment features to fine-tune the alignment of the red dot sight with the firearm’s point of impact. This ensures precise zeroing and minimizes the need for frequent readjustments.

7. **Low-Profile Design:** The base plate is engineered with a low-profile design, which maintains the sleek aesthetics of the Beretta APX while allowing the red dot sight to sit close to the slide. This design element enhances the firearm’s overall balance and maneuverability.

8. **Secure Locking Mechanism:** The Red Dot Base Plate utilizes a secure locking mechanism that prevents unintentional movement or displacement of the red dot sight during shooting. This mechanism enhances the user’s confidence in the equipment’s stability.


– Material: High-grade alloy or polymer (depending on variant)
– Finish: Matte black or custom finishes available
– Weight: Approximately [weight] grams (varies based on model)
– Dimensions: Length [length] mm x Width [width] mm x Height [height] mm
– Compatibility: Beretta APX models RDO and Combat
– Mounting: Standard Picatinny or RMR footprint
– Adjustment Range: Elevation [+/-] MOA, Windage [+/-] MOA

**Package Contents:**

– Red Dot Base Plate
– Mounting Screws
– Installation Tools (if required)
– User Manual

Upgrade your Beretta APX RDO or Combat with the Red Dot Base Plate, and experience enhanced shooting precision and rapid target acquisition. This accessory is designed to elevate your shooting performance while maintaining the reliability and aesthetics of your Beretta firearm.

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Type A, Type B


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