Recoil spring for Glock 19-19X-23-32-45


Recoil spring for Glock 19-19X-23-32-45 – Recovery spring – Cart spring for Glock – PRODUCED BY TONI SYSTEM, Sold by American Precision Firearms. (EAN N: 8052464312740; SKU: GLRC-15).

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The Glock recoil spring is a critical component within Glock pistols, designed to manage and control the recoil generated during firing. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the recoil spring absorbs the backward force generated by the expanding gases when a round is fired. As the slide moves rearward against this resistance, the spring’s tension is essential for the pistol’s cycle of operation. This cycle includes ejecting the spent casing, chambering a new round, and resetting the firing mechanism.

Glock recoil springs are engineered to provide consistent and reliable performance, contributing to the pistol’s accuracy, longevity, and user comfort. Regular maintenance and potential replacement of the recoil spring are recommended to ensure optimal function and safety in Glock firearms.

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Recoil spring for Glock 19-19X-23-32-45 - Black
Recoil spring for Glock 19-19X-23-32-45