Open magwell in brass for Bul Sas II


MORE INFO: Weight 98 g / 3,45 oz Material: Ottone – Brass SKU: MOBULOP-BR EAN: 8052464311194 Measures: Width 49,5mm


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Introducing the Brass Open Magwell for Bul SAS II – Elevate Your Speed and Style!

For discerning shooters who own a Bul SAS II and demand the very best in terms of performance and aesthetics, our Brass Open Magwell is the ultimate accessory to take your shooting game to the next level.

Key Features:

  1. Perfectly Crafted for Bul SAS II: Designed specifically for the Bul SAS II, this Brass Open Magwell offers a flawless, custom fit. It seamlessly replaces the factory magwell, preserving the integrity of your firearm while providing you with an outstanding enhancement.
  2. Streamlined Reloads: The open design of the magwell facilitates lightning-fast magazine changes, ideal for competitive shooters who demand speed and precision. It guides your magazines with ease, minimizing the chances of fumbling in critical moments.
  3. Durable Brass Construction: Crafted from high-quality brass, this magwell not only adds a touch of sophistication to your firearm but also ensures robust durability. It’s built to withstand the demands of intensive shooting sessions, maintaining peak performance.
  4. Effortless Installation: Say goodbye to complex modifications or the need for a gunsmith. Attaching the Brass Open Magwell to your Bul SAS II is a straightforward process, allowing you to spend more time on the range and less time in the workshop.
  5. Enhanced Aesthetics: The brilliant brass finish of this magwell adds a touch of elegance to your Bul SAS II, making it stand out from the crowd. Elevate your firearm’s aesthetics while improving its functionality.
  6. Versatility and Style: This Brass Open Magwell is not only about practicality but also about style. Its sleek design not only improves your firearm’s performance but also enhances its overall look.

Enhance your shooting experience and make a statement on the range with the Brass Open Magwell for Bul SAS II. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or simply looking to improve your speed and style, this essential accessory is designed to help you perform at your best.

Upgrade your Bul SAS II and experience the difference this Brass Open Magwell can make in your shooting experience. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your firearm’s performance and aesthetics. Order yours today and get ready to stand out with style and precision!

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3,45 oz


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Open magwell in brass for Bul Sas II - Black
Open magwell in brass for Bul Sas II