Magwell in polymer for Arsenal Ergal Pro for IPSC Open


  • Compatible with Toni System base pad PAD2SK, PAD4SK
  • Width 54mm
  • Weight 21,1g / 0,74 oz
  • Material: Polimero – Polymer
  • EAN: 8056269922265
  • COMPATIBILITY: Arsenal Firearms Ergal Pro

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Elevate your competitive shooting game with the Toni System Magwell in Polymer for the Arsenal Ergal Pro, specially designed for IPSC Open division competitors. This top-tier magwell is the perfect blend of functionality, weight, and aesthetics, specifically engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the sport.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Reloading: The Toni System Magwell significantly improves the speed and efficiency of magazine changes, ensuring that every second counts during high-pressure competition scenarios. Its funnel-like design guides the magazine directly into the firearm, reducing reload times and minimizing the risk of costly errors.
  • Lightweight Polymer Construction: Crafted from a high-strength polymer, this magwell adds minimal weight to your Arsenal Ergal Pro, preserving the firearm’s balance and handling. This lightweight design ensures that competitors can maintain agility and speed, crucial for IPSC Open division contests.
  • Optimized for IPSC Open: Designed with input from top competitive shooters, this magwell meets the specific requirements of the IPSC Open division. It provides a competitive edge by allowing for quicker magazine changes and improved ergonomics without compromising the firearm’s compliance with division rules.
  • Easy Installation: The Toni System Magwell is designed for a seamless fit with the Arsenal Ergal Pro, ensuring easy installation without the need for permanent modifications. This allows shooters to quickly upgrade their setup and adapt their firearm to different competition demands.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Not only is this magwell functional, but it also adds a sleek, professional look to your firearm. The polymer construction provides a modern, streamlined appearance that stands out on the range.

Whether you’re aiming to top the leaderboard or simply enhance your shooting experience, the Toni System Magwell for the Arsenal Ergal Pro is an essential upgrade for any serious IPSC Open competitor. Don’t let slow reloads hold you back—upgrade your firearm with this high-performance magwell and unlock your true potential on the competition field.

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Weight 0.74 oz

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Magwell in polymer for Arsenal Ergal Pro for IPSC Open