Magwell for Walther Q5 Match Steel frame (SF)


Compatible only with ToniSystem basepad, code PADWQ5M

MORE INFO: Weight 18 g / 0,63 oz Material: Alluminio – Aluminum SKU: MWQ5M-BK EAN: 8059304517570 Measures: Width 44,5mm



The Walther PDP (Performance Duty Pistol) Magwell is a purpose-built accessory designed to enhance the reloading process and overall shooting performance of the Walther PDP pistol. Crafted with precision and functionality in mind, the magwell is specifically tailored to seamlessly integrate with the PDP platform.

Key Features:

1. **Effortless Reloads:** The magwell’s design features a flared opening that guides magazines into the pistol’s grip, making reloads quicker and smoother. This is especially advantageous in dynamic shooting scenarios or competitions where fractions of a second matter.

2. **Secure Fit:** The Walther PDP Magwell is engineered to provide a secure and precise fit onto the pistol frame. This ensures that the accessory remains firmly in place during rigorous shooting activities, preventing any unwanted movement or interference.

3. **Enhanced Grip:** Beyond facilitating quicker reloads, the magwell adds a slightly wider gripping surface to the pistol’s frame. This can contribute to improved control during shooting, aiding in recoil management and overall accuracy.

4. **Durability and Materials:** Crafted from rugged and durable materials, the magwell is designed to withstand the demands of regular use without compromising its structural integrity. This longevity ensures that the accessory remains reliable over time.

5. **Easy Installation:** Installing the Walther PDP Magwell typically requires minimal tools and experience. It’s designed for user-friendly installation, allowing shooters to quickly and effectively integrate the magwell onto their PDP pistol.

6. **Aesthetics:** The magwell is often designed to complement the aesthetics of the Walther PDP pistol, creating a cohesive and visually appealing look. This attention to detail extends to both form and function.

The Walther PDP Magwell serves as an excellent upgrade for Walther PDP pistol owners who prioritize efficiency, control, and enhanced shooting performance. By simplifying the reloading process and providing additional grip surface, this accessory can contribute to a smoother shooting experience, particularly in dynamic and fast-paced scenarios. It’s recommended to refer to the official Walther PDP Magwell instructions for precise installation steps and compatibility details with specific PDP models.

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Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Sand, Silver

Weight (OZ)

0,63 oz


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Magwell for Walther Q5 Match Steel frame (SF) - Sand
Magwell for Walther Q5 Match Steel frame (SF)