Hammer spring for 2011


COMPATIBILITY: 1911 (and similar) – Para-ordinance – Sti DVC Tactical – Sti DVC Limited – Infinity.


The Hammer Spring for 2011 by Toni System is a precision-engineered firearm accessory designed to enhance the performance and reliability of your 2011-style pistol. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this hammer spring is a crucial component for maintaining consistent trigger pull weight, reducing trigger reset time, and ensuring reliable ignition with each shot.

Manufactured by Toni System, a renowned name in the firearms industry known for their high-quality firearm components and accessories, this hammer spring is engineered to meet the exacting standards of competitive shooters, law enforcement personnel, and firearm enthusiasts alike.

Upgrade your 2011 pistol with the Toni System Hammer Spring to experience improved trigger control, faster follow-up shots, and enhanced overall shooting performance. Whether you’re a competitive shooter seeking an edge in competition or a firearm enthusiast looking to optimize your 2011 pistol, the Toni System Hammer Spring is a top-tier choice for maximizing your firearm’s potential.

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