Brass Magwell For 1911 Para Ordinance Bifilar


  • Magwell for 1911 Para Ordinance bifilar
  • Compatible only with PADPARA and PADOPAR

MORE INFO: Weight 92g / 3.24 oz Material: Ottone – Brass SKU: MOPARAS-BR EAN: 8055060644383

COMPATIBILITY: Para-ordinance

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The Brass Magwell for 1911 Para Ordnance Bifilar by Toni System is a premium firearm accessory designed to enhance the performance and aesthetics of your 1911 Para Ordnance pistol. Precision-engineered from high-quality brass, this magwell offers a perfect fit and adds weight to the grip for improved balance and recoil control. Its sleek and stylish design not only elevates the look of your firearm but also facilitates smoother magazine changes, allowing for quicker and more precise reloads during competitive shooting or self-defense situations. Upgrade your 1911 Para Ordnance pistol with the Toni System Brass Magwell for enhanced functionality and a touch of elegance.


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Brass Magwell For 1911 Para Ordinance Bifilar