Beretta 1301 Side saddle 6 rounds ga.12


  • Holds six 12 gauge cartridges
  • It is applied with a high-strength double-sided adhesive
  • Surface cleaner sachet included
  • Available spare cartridge holder cod. PY6SG

MORE INFO: Weight 60,0g / 2,11oz Material: Polimero – Polymer SKU: PYSSPB1301 EAN: 8056269920308

COMPATIBILITY: Beretta 1301 Comp pro – Beretta 1301 Comp – Beretta 1301 Tactical – Shotgun

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Introducing the Toni System Side Saddle 6 Rounds Ga.12 for Beretta 1301 – Your Ultimate Shotgun Enhancement

Upgrade your Beretta 1301 shotgun to a whole new level of performance and convenience with the Toni System Side Saddle 6 Rounds Ga.12. Crafted with precision and expertise, this side saddle is designed to meet the demands of avid shooters and sportsmen who value speed, reliability, and easy access to additional rounds.

Key Features:

1. **Optimal Capacity**: With the capacity to hold up to 6 rounds of Ga.12 shotgun shells, this side saddle ensures you’re always ready for action, whether you’re out in the field or competing in a shooting match.

2. **Quick Access**: The innovative design allows for quick and seamless access to your additional rounds, minimizing downtime and ensuring you stay on target.

3. **Precision Engineering**: Toni System is renowned for its commitment to quality and precision, and this side saddle lives up to their reputation. It’s crafted with the highest standards of Italian craftsmanship, ensuring it withstands the test of time.

4. **Secure Fit**: The Toni System Side Saddle is specifically tailored for the Beretta 1301, ensuring a secure and snug fit. You can trust that your rounds will stay in place during the most demanding scenarios.

5. **Lightweight Design**: Made from high-quality materials, this side saddle maintains a lightweight design, so it won’t weigh you down while you’re on the move.

6. **Easy Installation**: Installing the Toni System Side Saddle on your Beretta 1301 is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. You’ll be up and running in no time.

7. **Enhanced Aesthetics**: In addition to its functional advantages, this side saddle also adds a touch of elegance to your Beretta 1301, making your shotgun not only perform better but look better too.

Upgrade your Beretta 1301 shotgun with the Toni System Side Saddle 6 Rounds Ga.12 and experience the benefits of easy access to additional rounds, enhanced performance, and the peace of mind that comes with a trusted and reputable brand. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a dedicated enthusiast, this side saddle is an essential accessory that can make a world of difference in your shooting experience. Don’t settle for mediocrity; elevate your game with the Toni System Side Saddle 6 Rounds Ga.12 for Beretta 1301.

Información adicional

Weight 2.11 oz

Toni System






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Beretta 1301 Side saddle 6 rounds ga.12