Arma Zeka AZ-P1 Super Optics Special


Experience precision like never before with the AZ-P1 Super Optics Special, featuring:

  • An expertly fine-tuned trigger mechanism with a point trigger, offering minimal reset and an ultra-short travel of approximately 2-3mm.
  • Pre-set single-action (SA) trigger pull weight of just 0.7KG.
  • Customizable trigger placement, allowing forward and backward adjustments relative to the bore axis within a 9mm range, with the option to switch trigger tips.
  • Adjustable trigger pull weight via a set screw, preloading the trigger spring for personalized control.
  • Enhanced with a compensator, threaded barrel, and a mounted magwell for heightened performance.
  • A secure grip, with the frame and grips featuring a glued texture in the grooves, ensuring a solid hold even in the most challenging scenarios.
  • The optic is not included.
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Introducing the AZ-P1 Super Optics Special: Elevating Precision and Performance

The AZ-P1 Super Optics Special sets a new standard for precision and performance in the world of firearms. With a finely tuned trigger mechanism, customizable features, and exceptional accuracy, this semi-automatic pistol is designed to exceed your expectations.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Trigger Mechanism: The AZ-P1 Super Optics Special boasts an innovative trigger mechanism with a point trigger that offers minimal reset and a short travel distance, approximately 2-3mm.
  2. Tailored Trigger Pull: Enjoy a preset trigger pull weight of approximately 0.7KG in single action (SA), and the flexibility to adjust the trigger tip forward and backward along the bore axis within a 9mm range, along with the option to change the trigger tip.
  3. Weight Adjustment: Fine-tune the trigger pull weight with a set screw that preloads the trigger spring, giving you control over the trigger’s feel.
  4. Enhanced Features: The pistol is equipped with a compensator, a threaded barrel, a mounted magwell, and a glued grip in the grooves on the frame and grips, ensuring superior handling in challenging situations.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Outstanding Ergonomics: The frame offers excellent ergonomics with a sticky surface finish and rugged checkering in critical areas, guaranteeing a secure grip.
  • Integrated Thumb Rest: An integrated thumb rest built into the pistol ensures a certain and defined grip, reducing recoil and enhancing control.
  • High Modularity: The pistol’s high modularity allows for interchangeable grips, backstraps, safeties, magazine and slide catches, buffers, and triggers.
  • Color Choices: Select from three color variations – the standard green frame (production), or opt for black and silver upon request.
  • Caliber Flexibility: The standard caliber is 9×19, offering versatility for your shooting needs.
  • Red-Dot Ready: Red-dot mounting plates are available for popular footprints, including Trijicon, Vortex/Meored, and Shield.
  • High-Quality Construction: Exclusively CNC-machined from full steel/AL (aluminum alloy), ensuring precision and robustness.
  • Sights and Magazines: Sport front sights and adjustable rear sights from ZENDL, paired with high-quality magazines from the Italian company Mec-Gar/S.F. Meccanica, each featuring a basepad for 19 or 19 rounds.
  • Ease of Maintenance: The disassembling pin stays in the frame, simplifying the pistol’s assembly and disassembly.
  • Precision Bull Barrel: The pistol is equipped with a high-quality bull barrel, crafted using methods akin to sniper rifle barrels, with a secure slide-lock mechanism.
  • Superior Surface Finish: The ARCOR surface finish ensures components are slick and abrasion-resistant, enhancing the pistol’s longevity.
  • Ambidextrous Controls: The pistol features ambidextrous controls for accessibility and convenience.
  • Unparalleled Accuracy: Enjoy perfect accuracy and consistent shot placement.
  • Long Lifetime: The AZ-P1 Super Optics Special is built to last, offering exceptional durability and reliability.
  • Customizable Trigger Mechanism: Tailor your trigger’s pretravel, break, overtravel, and reset according to your preferences.
  • Safety First: Ambidextrous and substantial safeties serve as support while shooting.
  • Versatile Grip: The pistol allows for use without grips, catering to shooters with smaller hands.
  • Enhanced Grip: Grooves on the frame, along with roughened backstraps and grips, provide a firm and secure hold in all conditions.

The AZ-P1 Super Optics Special is not just a pistol; it’s a precision instrument designed to elevate your shooting experience to new heights. Whether you’re a competitive marksman or an enthusiast, this firearm offers unmatched precision and performance. Elevate your game, experience exceptional accuracy, and trust in the pistol’s durability and reliability. Choose the AZ-P1 Super Optics Special and make every shot count.


  • Caliber: 9×19
  • Overall Length: 270 mm
  • Overall Height: 150 mm
  • Width: 45 mm
  • Weight (with empty magazine): 1245 g (empty magazine weight: 105 g)
  • Barrel Length: 139 mm
  • Number of Barrel Grooves: 6
  • Rifling Twist: 250mm (right-hand)
  • Sight Radius: 176 mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 19 rounds
  • Frame Material: Lightweight Alloy
  • Trigger Mechanism: Single Action (SA) with Manual Safety

This revised presentation provides a clear and concise overview of the firearm’s specifications for easy reference and comparison.


The standard package includes:

  • A sturdy plastic case with the option to secure it using a lock.
  • The AZ-P1 Super pistol with a 19-round magazine pre-inserted.
  • An additional 19-round magazine.
  • Allen keys for adjusting grips, the rear sight, along with a trigger brush and bore cleaning rod.
  • User manual, warranty list, and a test fire target.
  • The optic is not included.

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Black, Silver, Green

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