Arma Zeka AZ-P1 GIANT


  • The handgun comes with all the accessories included besides the Optic,
  • Trigger SA – flat, adjustable according the lenght of the finger, best trigger travel  2-3mm;
  • Point trigger SA and light trigger pull;
  • Scope mount for red-dot mounted on the frame;
  • Adjustable thumb rest for support to reduce the recoil;
  • Hand fitted and polished slide with frame to achieve no plays between the parts and smoothest action, polished and hand fitted threaded barrel.
  • New 2023 design
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AZ-P1 Giant Is sportingly and hand tuned pistol.

Introducing the AZ-P1 Giant: A Masterpiece of Sporting Precision

Prepare to be captivated by the elegance and performance of the AZ-P1 Giant, a premium, hand-tuned pistol that sets new standards in the world of firearms. Every detail of this exceptional handgun is meticulously crafted to provide you with a shooting experience like no other. Precision at Its Core: At the heart of the AZ-P1 Giant, you’ll find a dedication to perfection. We painstakingly polish each inner component, including the barrel, ensuring a flawless and smooth surface. The result is unrivaled action quality, boasting a trigger that’s both smooth and crisp, complemented by slide action that’s equally impressive.

  • SA Trigger Excellence: Experience a flat, single-action trigger that’s not only adjustable but also tailored to the length of your finger. With an astonishingly short 2-3mm trigger travel, you’ll enjoy precision like never before.
  • Point Trigger Brilliance: The single-action point trigger offers an ultra-light trigger pull, giving you the responsiveness you need for those crucial shots.
  • Red-Dot Ready: The AZ-P1 Giant is equipped with a scope mount on the frame, making it a perfect platform for your red-dot optic, further enhancing your aiming precision.
  • Enhanced Control: To mitigate recoil and provide superior support, we’ve integrated an adjustable thumb rest, offering you stability and accuracy with every shot.

Artistry in Action: The AZ-P1 Giant stands apart with its hand-fitted and polished slide, meticulously married to the frame to eliminate any play between the parts. This synergy creates an incredibly smooth and reliable action. The threaded barrel, finished to perfection, ensures peak performance and accuracy.

A Vision of the Future: With an innovative design, the AZ-P1 Giant is a testament to the evolution of weaponry. This masterpiece is purpose-built for the Open divisions of the IPSC, demonstrating its exceptional quality and performance in the competitive arena.

Witness Greatness: Prepare to witness the unveiling of the AZ-P1 Giant model at two of the most prestigious firearm events in the world: Shot Show 2023 in the USA and IWA 2023 in Nuremberg. These renowned showcases will reveal the pinnacle of firearm craftsmanship and innovation.

The AZ-P1 Giant is more than just a pistol; it’s a work of art and a testament to precision. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a connoisseur of fine firearms, this masterpiece will redefine your expectations. Experience the AZ-P1 Giant and elevate your shooting to new heights.

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Black, Silver, Green

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Arma Zeka AZ-P1 GIANT