Arma Zeka AZ-P1 Optics


AZ-P1 Sport Optics 2 is giving us even better accuracy and speed, its tuned trigger is a big step forwards. Thanks to manufacturing process, there are not almost any plays between the components and it is giving us extreme accuracy, predictability and also longevity. Thanks to the modularity of our pistols, everyone will do well with it. The pistol is competions ready straight out of the box. This AZ-P1 pistol meets the requirements of the IPSC and is approved to the Production Optics category.

Key features

  • Single Action / Double Action
  • Trigger weight pull: S.A. 1.93 LBs / D.A. 6.81 LBs
  • Trigger adjustable in pre travel and over travel
  • Everyday shooting pistol
  • Aggressive rough checkering on the frame grip tight control
  • 2 different size of grip
  • Low drilling on the slide
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Dual action triger mechanism- SA/DA with short reset- slide locks via the barrel to the ejection port. Front picatinny rail for frame weights and flashlights. Ambidextrous controls, interchangeable magazine catch side. Easy disassembly and reassembly, takedown pin stays into the frame. When the last round is fired the slide stays open. Aggressive checkering and grooving for a firm grip. Fiber optic front sight ZENDL. Sport rear sight ZENDL adjustable for windage and elevation and with possibility to mount optics, or insert optic plates. All optic footprints are available. Double stack Mec-Gar 17 rounds magazine. Two magazine included in the box. Metals present: steel and aluminium alloys. Machined from solid CNC bull barrel with surface finish ARCOR as all the rest of the other steel parts. Large ejection port for perfect ejection and easier checking of the chamber. Extractor serves as a loaded chamber indicator. Ergonomics serrations on the hammer for better manipulation. Large and contoured beavertail for a good grip as high as possible in relation to the bore axis- recess in the frame serves as a finger rest and support while shooting. Large spacious trigger guard with checkering at the front.

Here are the specifications for the ARMA ZEKA AZ-P1 Optics presented in a clearer and more structured format:

  • Caliber: 9mm x 19 PARA
  • Overall Length: 8.85″
  • Overall Height: 5.83″
  • Width: 1.77″
  • Weight (with empty magazine): 41.09 OZ
  • Barrel Length: 5″
  • Number of Barrel Grooves: 6
  • Rifling Twist: 9.84″ (right)
  • Sight Radius: 6.93″
  • Magazine Capacity: 17 rounds
  • Frame Material: Light Alloy
  • Trigger Mechanism: SA/DA with Manual Safety


The standard package contains:

  • durable plastic case with the option to use a lock
  • AZ-P1 pistol with inserted magazine for 17 rounds
  • one extra magazine for 17 rounds
  • Allen key for grips, Allen key for the rear sight and trigger
  • brush and bore cleaning rod
  • user manual, warranty list, test fire target
  • The optic is not included

AZ-P1 family comparison table

Use this for Range & everyday shooting Competitive shooting where speed matter the most Competitive shooting where accuracy matter the most Tactical shooting Tactical training Open division
Advantages Potential anti-snag draw Accuracy Speed Less recoil, more control, fast mag swap Less muzzle flip & speed Extreme shooting performance
Trigger action S.A. / D.A. Single Action S.A. / D.A. Single Action S.A. / D.A. Single Action
Bull Barrel ARCOR finish 6 barrel grooves Rifling twist 9.8″ right 6 barrel grooves Rifling twist 9.8″ right 6 barrel grooves Rifling twist 9.8″ right
Trigger Curved, 7.61 LBs Flat, 1.73 LBs Curved, 6.61 LBs Flat, 1.54 LBs Curved, 6.61 LBs Flat, 3.31 LBs
Trigger adjustability Pre/over-travel Pre/over-travel Movable Weight pull Pre/over travel, break, reset Pre/over-travel Movable Weight pull Pre-travel and over-travel adjustable Pre/over-travel Movable Weight pull
Magwell None Flared magwell None Open magwell None Open magwell
Compensator None None None Major factor compensator + ported slide Major factor compensator Major factor compensator + ported slide
Magazine 17/19 rounds capacity, Mec-Gar 17/19 rounds capacity, Proprietary, Atlas compatible 17/19 rounds capacity, Proprietary, Atlas compatible 17/19 rounds capacity, Proprietary, Atlas compatible 17/19 rounds capacity, Proprietary, Atlas compatible 19/27 rounds capacity, Atlas compatible
Weight (empty mag) 41.09 OZ 40.21 OZ 40 OZ 43.99 OZ 42.99 OZ 47.35 OZ
Price $ 2,954.99 $ 4,134.99 $ 3,779.99 $ 5,904.99 $ 5,549.99 $ 7,478.63
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Black, Silver, Green

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