Double Barrel 1911 “Second Century” AF2011-A1


AF2011-A1 SECOND CENTURY™ is world known as the first ever produced 1911 Double Barrel pistol, in double action. It’s the very first double barrel pistol. Is known by collectors and gun enthusiasts as a true masterpiece in firearms engineering, designed for those who appreciate the timeless beauty of a double-barrel handgun combined with cutting-edge performance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this extraordinary firearm offers a unique shooting experience like no other. Becoming famous in 2005, this model is the famous because has been featured the famous movie Spectrum 007

  • Simple look
  • Short barrel
  • 8.66″ total length
  • 4.08 LBs total weight (empty magazine)



ALL the Double Barrel series share these incredible features:

  • Geometric lock: double hammer with single spur, one piece trigger
  • Left handed magazine release button, 7+7 rounds capacity
  • Interchangeable wooden Grip
  • Short recoil, 1911 system

General technical specifications:

  • Semi automatic double hammer handgun
  • Caliber .38 Super Auto – .45 ACP
  • 39 nicrmo stainless steel machined from solid slider and frame
  • Stainless steel sus416 barrels (5″ length)
  • 5.71″ height – 1.97″ width

AVAILABLE COLORS for the second century

  • Silver
  • Black


  • Dark wooden
  • Blue magic
  • Black
  • White magic

Pieces of the Double Barrel Second Century with the Short Barrel





  • Dark wooden
  • Blue magic
  • Black
  • White magic


WHAT WE LOVE ABOUT the Double Barrel 1911

  • Incredibly famous movies like 007 Spectrum and Resident Evil used this extraordinary pistol, that’s why this ultimately increased the demand;
  • Unique double barrel pistol on the world-market;
  • Available in 2 color versions in its most famous model AF2011-A1 SECOND CENTURY;
  • Not only the design is unique, also the performances of this gun are an incredible achievement;
  • 100% Italian design, artisanal production.

Where you can buy the Double Barrel 1911

You Can buy the double barrel on this page. Follow the buttons on the variation you select to buy.

We are affiliated with the main distributors operating all over United States Of America territory. With the network of the dealers we work with we are able to cover and sell locally thru almost every city in US. When you show interest and fill up the form to inquire about this gun model, make sure you insert the city you come from, this will make much easier for us to redirect you to the right local dealer.

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Silver, Black magic


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Double Barrel 1911 “Second Century” AF2011-A1