4 holes thumb rest, left side, right hand shooter


MORE INFO: Weight 17,8g / 0,62oz Material: Aluminum SKU: AD4SX-PU EAN: 8059304510564

COMPATIBILITY: Beretta APX / Tactical – Glock 17/34 gen 3 – Glock 17/34 gen 4 – Glock 17/34 gen 5 – Glock 19 gen 3 – Glock 19 gen 4 – Glock 19 gen 5 – Tanfoglio Domina post 2017 – Tanfoglio Domina Xtreme post 2017 – Tanfoglio Gold custom Xtreme Eric Grauffel – Tanfoglio Limited Custom post 2017 – Tanfoglio Limited Custom – Gold Match pre 2017 – Tanfoglio Limited Custom Xtreme – Gold Match post 2017 – Tanfoglio Gold custom – Canik TP9 Sfx – Canik TP9 Elite Combat – Canik TP9 SF – H&K VP9 / SFP9 – S&W MP9


Introducing the “Thumb Rest for Glock” – a transformative accessory designed to revolutionize your shooting experience. This precision-engineered thumb rest is crafted to seamlessly attach to your Glock pistol, providing a host of benefits that elevate your shooting performance to new heights.

**Enhanced Stability and Control:** The thumb rest offers a dedicated platform for your support hand’s thumb, allowing for a consistent and repeatable grip. This stability translates into improved control over your Glock during shooting, reducing muzzle flip and ensuring more accurate follow-up shots.

**Optimized Grip Angle:** The thumb rest is strategically designed to encourage a natural and ergonomic grip angle. This alignment not only enhances your shooting comfort but also promotes better recoil management, minimizing the impact of each shot and allowing for quicker target reacquisition.

**Reduced Fatigue:** By providing a designated resting spot for your thumb, the thumb rest reduces the strain on your support hand muscles and tendons. This reduction in muscle fatigue means you can maintain better control and accuracy over longer shooting sessions, making it an invaluable asset for both recreational shooters and professionals.

**Faster Target Transitions:** With a secure thumb placement on the rest, you can effortlessly transition between targets. The consistent grip and stability empower you to switch focus rapidly, making the thumb rest especially beneficial for competitive shooting scenarios.

**Customized Shooting Experience:** The thumb rest for Glock is adjustable and can be positioned to suit your unique grip and shooting style. This customization allows you to tailor the thumb rest’s placement for optimal comfort and effectiveness, resulting in a shooting experience that feels tailored to you.

**Easy Installation:** Attaching the thumb rest to your Glock is straightforward, and no advanced gunsmithing skills are required. This means you can quickly and effortlessly upgrade your pistol without any hassle.

Incorporating the “Thumb Rest for Glock” into your shooting routine not only enhances your control and accuracy but also instills a newfound confidence in your abilities. Whether you’re a competitive shooter seeking an edge or an enthusiast aiming for improved marksmanship, this accessory has the potential to transform your Glock into a precision instrument. Elevate your shooting game with the thumb rest and discover the significant impact it can have on your overall shooting experience.

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4 holes thumb rest, left side, right hand shooter - Blue
4 holes thumb rest, left side, right hand shooter