Pan American Handgun Championship: all you have to know

American Precision Firearms official sponsor of the event

This year 2022, the APF will be the official sponsor of the IPSC Pan American Handgun Championship.

This is the most important event on the American continent which, in addition to the United States, includes Canada and all the countries of Latin America.

Central America and Latin America, has a total of 33 nations and about 700 million inhabitants, of which many of these countries are expanding rapidly in this sport.

The great majority of these countries are very tied to the united states and it is customary to turn to companies in south florida, both for commercial and for ease of contact, as Miami is the first point of arrival in the united states for all the countries of South America, not least the customs facilities thanks to the multiple trade agreements that each Latin country has with the United States.

Our role, thanks to our presence in Miami, can give an important point of reference to all South American companies, which can find in us an important commercial partner, with whom to have easy and immediate relationships.

With this premise we have decided to become official sponsors of this important event, our active participation in the event includes:

  • 3 level 4 level shooters, including 2 former world category champions
  • 1 personal photographer with the task of recording the moments of the event highlighting our brands and our team in order to produce advertising material to be used
  • 15 banners of about 2.5 meters high along the entire shooting circuit alongside the entrance to the shooting areas
  • 1 large banner of about 6m x 3m at the entrance to the “shot off” area visible from all over the field and where the final event will be held among the winners of each category
  • 2 banners of about 3m x 2m, inside the “shot off” field.
  • 1 large banner inside the restaurant pavilion
  • A text area alongside a range specially equipped to test our weapons
  • A space where we will set up an exhibition of about 12 linear meters, of our products to try and touch, with the shooters of our team available to visitors to illustrate the characteristics of the products
  • 1 advertising page throughout the current year in the official IPSC magazine that will be sent to all subscribers
  • 1 advertising page in the magazine with the event program, distributed to all participants and visitors
  • Visibility on the official IPSC website with links to our products
  • Visibility on the event website with links to our products

Competition shooters

  • JOSE ALFREDO GONZALES, 2009 Open World Championships in Ecuador
  • JOYCE HERNANDEZ, IDPA miami open challenge champion

The location of the Pan American Handgun Championship

  • The location is located at the UNIVERSAL SHOOTING ACADEMY near ORLANDO, FL.
  • It is a large facility with several shooting ranges located at the edge of a central road.
  • Shooters and visitors will have to follow it to move inside the field
  • this is the explanation of the different areas in which the shooting range is divided

EVENT OF Pan American Handgun Championship of 2021, NATIONAL USA IPSC

The week following this event, the same location will host the US National IPSC Championship, for which all American shooters will arrive and being a level 3 match there will be a much wider following as non-professional athletes will also be able to participate. We are discussing with the IPSC management and the ownership of the shooting range to maintain our presence also for this second and equally important event, we are 99% confirmed, we are only discussing the economic terms.

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