Everything You Need to Know About the Best Guns to Carry

Looking for the best guns to carry? In this article you’ll have a nice and simple overview.

Purchasing a gun to carry can be an exhilarating experience. Firearms have allowed us to enjoy shooting sports competitions, collect vintage guns for our collections, and have given us a way to defend ourselves. Are you a gun collector or a sports shooter looking for the best gun to carry? Look no further than American Precision Firearms!

This article will cover all about carrying guns and the five best guns to carry you can purchase. 

What Does Carry a Gun Mean?

Carrying a gun is defined as possessing a firearm openly or concealed from the public. The best guns to have are small in stature and big in performance; the best guns to carry are a must for gun collection enthusiasts or self-defence. 

Best Features of Guns to Carry

Carry guns should have specific essential attributes to make them effective. They include:


Reliability is the most important aspect in choosing a gun to carry-it is a coin with two faces. Every concealed carry firearm must be reliable to prevent accidents from occurring. What determines a firearm’s reliability? 

  •  One that never fails to fire or cycle correctly
  •  Using an ideal magazine for the carry gun
  •  Ensuring that the number printed on the end of a cartridge box matches with the one roll marked on the chamber hood.
  •  Determining whether the firearm is reliable with a wide variety of ammunition or not
  •  Regular cleaning of the firearm


Your shooting accuracy under stress and while moving contributes to firearms shooting ability. The most important aspect that makes a firearm shootable is the well-designed controls. The side latch, magazine release, and manual safety must be located where they can be easily and quickly accessed by individuals with as little shifting of the grip as possible. 

Gun Concealment or Portability

It is important to have the ability to conceal your gun so that others won’t see it. You may choose the smallest gun available or find another means-like, like a holster- to conceal it where you can easily access it.

Thickness, Grip Size, and Weight

Grip length, loaded weight, and thickness are primary aspects determining how easy it is to carry your firearm. Guns with a longer grip and more thickness are inclined to print more, thus failing at being concealed. 

Main Differences Between Competition Guns and Guns to Carry

Competition firearms and carry guns differ in many ways, including:

  •  Competition guns are subject to size requirements; they may be lighter or heavier, whereas carry guns are small and concealable.
  •  Unlike carry guns, competition firearms have adjustable sights with a smaller sight apertures for accurate aiming. Carry guns have lasers for accuracy purposes. 
  •  Competition guns have additional customizations at the grip or handle to perfectly fit the shooter, whereas guns for carrying don’t have such customizations.
  •  Carry guns have heavy triggers, whereas competition guns have lighter triggers.

The 5 Best Guns to Carry

 1. Strike One

  •  Eriger and firing pin safety
  •  Slide-in solid steel
  •  Caliber 9mm/40 S&W

 2. Ruger LCP II 

  •  An aggressive grip textures
  •  All-metal 10.6 ounces
  •  .380 ACP cartridge

 3. Beretta 3032 Tomcat

  •  An open slide with an exposed barrel
  •  All-metal 14.5 ounces
  •  .32 ACP cartridge

 4. Sig Sauer P938

  •  All-metal frame 16 ounces
  •  Single-stack 9mm magazine 
  •  Outfitted for exceptional accuracy

 5. Seecamp LWS 380

  • .380 ACP cartridge
  • 13.65 ounces
  • Designed for close-range use

When choosing a gun to carry, there are several things to consider:

  1. Purpose: First and foremost, consider what you will be using the gun for. Different types of guns are better suited for different purposes, such as self-defense, hunting, target shooting, or collecting.
  2. Caliber: The caliber of a gun refers to the size of the bullet it uses. Larger calibers are typically more powerful, but may also have more recoil. Smaller calibers are generally less powerful, but may have less recoil and be more suitable for beginners.
  3. Action: The action of a gun refers to the mechanism that loads, fires, and ejects the rounds. There are several types of actions, including bolt-action, lever-action, and semi-automatic. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each action and choose the one that best fits your needs and preferences.
  4. Barrel length: The length of the barrel can affect the accuracy and range of the gun. A longer barrel may provide better accuracy, but a shorter barrel may be more maneuverable in tight spaces. Consider your needs and preferences when choosing a barrel length.
  5. Weight: The weight of the gun can be important, especially if you will be carrying it for long periods of time. Consider whether you want a lightweight gun that is easy to carry, or a heavier gun that may be more stable and accurate.
  6. Size: The size of the gun is also an important factor to consider when carrying it. A smaller gun is generally easier to carry, but may have less stopping power. A larger gun may be more difficult to carry, but may have more stopping power.
  7. Ease of use: Consider the ease of use when choosing a gun to carry. Is the gun easy to load, unload, and operate? Does it have a safety that is easy to engage and disengage?
  8. Reliability: Choose a gun that is reliable and has a good track record. A gun that frequently jams or malfunctions is not suitable for carrying.
  9. Follow all local laws: Make sure you are familiar with and follow all local laws and regulations regarding gun ownership and use.

It is important to note that guns can be dangerous and should be used with caution. Always follow proper safety procedures when handling a gun, including keeping the gun pointed in a safe direction, keeping your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot, and always being sure of your target and what is beyond it.

Purpose: First and foremost, consider what you will be using the gun for. Different types of guns are better suited for different purposes, such as self-defense, hunting, target shooting, or collecting.

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Some info about guns topic: 

There are a variety of reasons why some people in the United States may be interested in guns. Some people may own guns for hunting, sport shooting, or self-defense. Others may be interested in collecting guns as a hobby.

Guns have a long and complex history in the United States, and the right to bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. This amendment has been the subject of much debate and interpretation, and it has been used to justify the ownership of guns for a variety of purposes.

In addition to the cultural and legal factors that contribute to gun ownership in the United States, there are also practical considerations that may influence people’s decisions to own guns. For example, in some parts of the country, guns may be seen as a necessary tool for protecting oneself and one’s family from wild animals or other threats.

It’s important to note that gun ownership is not universal in the United States, and there is a wide range of opinions on the issue. Some people support stricter gun control laws, while others believe that individuals have the right to own and use guns for lawful purposes.

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how we can make online purchase of gun and guns material secure:

There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure the security of an online purchase of guns or gun-related materials:

  1. Research the seller: Make sure that you are purchasing from a reputable and trustworthy seller. Look for reviews and ratings from other customers, and do your own research on the seller’s reputation.
  2. Use a secure payment method: Use a secure payment method such as a credit card or a trusted online payment service to make your purchase. Avoid using wire transfers or other methods that may not offer the same level of security.
  3. Keep personal information private: Be careful about sharing personal information, such as your home address or phone number, with the seller. Use a P.O. box or other secure address for delivery if possible.
  4. Follow the law: Make sure that you are following all relevant laws and regulations regarding the purchase and possession of guns and gun-related materials. This may include obtaining any necessary licenses or permits and ensuring that you are eligible to make the purchase.
  5. Use a secure connection: When making an online purchase, make sure that you are using a secure connection, such as a secured WiFi network or a virtual private network (VPN). This can help protect your personal and financial information from being accessed by third parties.

By following these steps, you can help ensure the security of your online gun purchase and protect your personal and financial information.

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