Double barrel pistol prices: full catalogue

Welcome to a revolutionary era of The Double Barrel Pistol!

Introducing the double barrel pistol gun action, the first of its kind to ever hit the market. This double barrel gun is sure to revolutionize the way we think about firearms, with its innovative design that puts two barrels in a single gun that shoot at the same time.

The Double Barrel Pistol is an firearms engineering piece of art.

The double barrel action gun combines the power of two guns into one, allowing for an unprecedented level of accuracy and power.

You can see details about the double barrel pistol in our catalog

The full catalog by American Precision Firearms:

Double barrel pistol prices

Double Barrel Pistol Availability in USA

The volume of production of this gun is quite limited in a year time-frame, perhaps the final trimester of 2022 and the whole past 2023 there have been available pieces continuously.

Let’s take a look at some picture from the 2023 double barrel pistol catalog…

Have you ever heard of the AF2011 DUELLER Double Barrel Pistol?


The brand new AF2011 Dueller™ launches double barrel pistol shooting into the future: long slide, 6.5 inch SUS416 Stainless Steel barrels, modern back and front serrated slide, magnum beavertail grip safety and customized trigger, offer the discerning shooter unprecedented opportunities. And all of this in the full respect of the lines and grace of both the legendary 1911 and the first classic Double Barrel Pistol, our own AF2011-A1 Second Century. The AF2011 Dueller™ is available in the same finishes defined for the Second Century: Classic, Black Magic and Stainless.


The impressive looks of the new arsenal firearms AF2011 DUELLER™, a modern yet classical, 1911 respectful massive double barrel pistol. This gun, thanks to 6,5 inches barrels and longer slide, becomes very controllable and target-performing

Why This gun is totally revolutionary compared to average guns

Italian Design, 100% Artisanal Italian Manufacturer


+10 years of improvements and upgrades

Simultaneously DOUBLE BARREL shooting

TRIGGER: Double hammer with single spur

2 single magazines, paired with single floor plate



The Dueller Prismatic was the star of the 2015 James Bond film Spectre. The villain Mr. Hinx shoots Bond’s plane leaving two bullet holes. In another starring role, two double 1911s are dual-wielded by Milla Jovovich as Alice in the trailer of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

Taking the standard AF-2011 to the next level, the DUELLER PRISMATIC boasts a six-inch ported slide, dual barrels, high polish chrome, two-tone finish, octagon slide, high-rise beavertail grip safety and G-10 grips. The DUELLER PRISMATIC was also featured in the 2015 James Bond film Spectre and numerous YouTube videos generating millions of views creating an extreme demand. Double barrel prices catalogue

Double Barrel Gun has been seen in famous movies like…

Yes the DUELLER it’s cool, but so is its performance

  • 12 bullets
  • 2760 grains
  • 1,5 seconds


  • Incredibly famous movies like 007 Spectrum and Resident Evil used this extraordinary pistol, that’s why this ultimately increased the demand;
  • Unique double barrel pistol on the world-market;
  • Available in 3 color versions in its most famous model AF2011 DUELLER;
  • Not only the design is unique, also the performances of this gun are an incredible achievement;
  • 100% Italian design, artisanal production. Double barrel prices catalogue


  • TOTAL LENGTH: 260 mm
  • BARREL LENGTH: 165 mm
  • TOTAL HEIGHT: 145 mm
  • TOTAL WIDTH: 50 mm
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 2000 Grs. (unloaded)

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