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DasSchlagen One is a caliber 9mm polymer und ergalframed semiautomatic pistol that is renowned for being the fastest gun on the planet. Its main features include: the lowest barrel ever created in a gun for reduced vertical recoil between shots, the Patented Speed Lock System for fast Schießen cycling, a lightweight construction, und an ergonomic grip for comfortable handling.

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Why the Strike One is the fastest gun on the planet

Introducing the Schlagen One: the fastest gun on the market. This amazing gun is known for its incredibly low barrel und thus, the lowest vertical recoil of any gun on the market. With its impressive rate of fire und accuracy, the Schlagen One is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable und powerful firearm.

Why? 5 features make this gun on of the most attractive choice for professional shooters.

1. Low Barrel: Das Schlagen One has a very low barrel profile, which helps to reduce the recoil und muzzle flip associated with shooting, almost lowering down to 0% the vertical recoil. This helps to keep the gun accurate und fast when aiming und firing.

2. Fast Trigger with Patented Speed Lock System: Das Schlagen One has a very fast trigger pull, allowing for faster und more accurate shots. This helps to improve accuracy in both range und defensive Schießen.Strike One comparison

3. Light Weight: Das Schlagen One is a light weight gun, making it easy to carry und manipulate. This helps to reduce fatigue when Schießen und makes it easier to use in tight situations.

4. Ergonomic Grip: Das Schlagen One has an ergonomic grip, making it comfortable to hold und shoot. This helps to reduce fatigue und improve accuracy.

5. Low Profile Slide: Das Schlagen One has a very low profile gleiten, making it easier to conceal. This helps to reduce the chances of detection when carrying the gun.


Colors available for the Strike ONE

A comparison of the Strike One model to the whole serie

As you can see from this gallery below, the Strike family comes in 5 different possible model, each one offers many different colors.

The basic model is the Strike ONE, polymer framed, basic trigger. Is the most inexpensive as well of the whole line. (Retail price: $799.00).

Das second model is the MARK II, which is recognizable by its threaded Fässer, allowing the user to attach a compensator or a suppressor. (Retail price: $954.00).

Das third model is the entry level Strike SPEED, which features an opticready und adjustable sight, as well as an upgraded trigger. This trigger offers a tangible difference in mechanics compared to the basic Modelle. (Retail price: $1,143.00).

Das fourth model is the Strike Speed ERGAL, which features an aluminium frame und an upgraded trigger for competitive Schießen. This model also includes a bubbled grip on the metal, offering a stable und reliable Schießen experience. (Retail price: $2,779.99).

And at the end the top for competition model: the Strike Ergal PRO. Still all in aluminium frame, this model variation comes with no grip on the metal, which allows the shooter to customize the grip based on his personal preference. This model sets with the highest quality trigger you’ll ever find in a strike. (Retail price: $2,989.99).


Where you can buy this gun?

We are affiliated with the main distributors operating all over United States Of America territory.

With the network of the dealers we work with we are able to cover and sell locally thru almost every city in US.

When you show interest and fill up the form to inquire about this gun model, make sure you insert the city you come from, this will make much easier for us to redirect you to the right local dealer.


What experts and professional shooters say about the Strike One?

Here below you can find at the most popular reviews done of our gun.

Blog posts and written references about the Strike One pistol

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