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What Is Micro Roni? The full guide

Designed to replace the Glock adapter, the Micro Roni is an extremely compact handgun. Its design maximizes its compact size, absorbing recoil and enabling users to quickly transition from target to target. Its design also maximizes speed and accuracy. The Micro Roni’s forend and forward grip provide quick follow-up shots, and it comes with a …


Military weapons are weapons that are specifically designed for use in warfare. They are typically more powerful and sophisticated than weapons designed for civilian use. Examples of military weapons include firearms, explosives, missiles, tanks, aircraft, and ships.

APF: the best firearm spotter for the division of high end guns

APF (American Precision Firearms) announces its debut as the new USA importer and distributor of the division high end guns and foreigners firearms brands that weren’t already in the USA market. APF OWNER L. Musumeci Event or product announcement details: By January 2022 APF started operating in the market with the exclusive partnership of distribution …


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