How to determine which Tanfoglio frame

Tanfoglio produces most of the pistol models in two different types of frame, small and large, which differ in some details on the gun. To recognize if your Tanfoglio has a small or large stem we recommend:

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The biggest total firearms glossary Guide!

A  – Words Definition Visualize it Accurize, accurizing The process of altering a stock firearm to improve its accuracy. Action The physical mechanism that manipulates cartridges and/or seals the breech. The term refers to the method in which cartridges are loaded, locked, and extracted from the mechanism. Actions are generally categorized by the type of …


Beretta M9A4 accessories by Toni System

Everything you have to know about the Beretta M9A4

When it comes to military sidearms, there are very few pistols that can compete with the ruggedness, reliability, and popularity of the Beretta M9. originally named the beretta 92FS, this pistol was designated as the M9 when it was adopted by the US military as its standard firearm back in 1985. (Everything know Beretta M9A4) …


Gun terms glossary english and Italian

The gun glossary is a collection of terms that relates to firearms. It helps people learn how to talk about these weapons. These words help understand the differences between different types of guns and their designs. (Gun terms glossary Italian) Several countries have a lot of concerns about small arms. This is why a responsible …


Rifles accessories by Toni System

What Is Micro Roni? The full guide

Designed to replace the Glock adapter, the Micro Roni is an extremely compact handgun. Its design maximizes its compact size, absorbing recoil and enabling users to quickly transition from target to target. Its design also maximizes speed and accuracy. The Micro Roni’s forend and forward grip provide quick follow-up shots, and it comes with a …


Different Types of Glock Sights: everything you’ve to know

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned shooter, a good set of Glock sights will make all the difference in the world to your shooting skills. With a good set of sights, you can shoot much more accurately and confidently. If you want to learn more about the different types of sights available, read …


What is Arsenal SAM7K?

Introducing the Arsenal SAM7K, a new semi-automatic pistol in the 7.62x39mm caliber. Designed to deliver rapid shots, this high quality pistol features a 10.5″ barrel and a forged and milled receiver with an ambidextrous safety lever, plus a reinforced black polymer pistol grip stock. The SAM7K is also fitted with a 5 round Bulgarian Arsenal …


Choosing the Right gun grips For Your Pistol

Choosing handgun grips for your pistol can be a very personal choice. There are a variety of options available, and each one may suit your personal style. Some grips are made from plastic, and may be cheaper than their wood counterparts. Others are made from rubber and offer a tactile sensation that is ideal for …


Everything You Need to Know About Gun Safety (4 rules)

Safety is one of the most important responsibilities of gun owners. While bearing arms is a fundamental right in the United States, guns are deadly when handled or used improperly. It is paramount that all firearm owners know and follow essential gun safety rules.  4 Essential Gun Safety Rules 1. Always keep the gun pointed in …


Everything You Need to Know About the Best Guns to Carry

Looking for the best guns to carry? In this article you’ll have a nice and simple overview. Purchasing a gun to carry can be an exhilarating experience. Firearms have allowed us to enjoy shooting sports competitions, collect vintage guns for our collections, and have given us a way to defend ourselves. Are you a gun …


The Beginner Ultimate Guide to Buying a Gun

Are you among the majority of people who won’t shy away from owning a gun? If yes, you may be probably living in a society where using a gun for hunting is a tradition or a recreational art. And you may also be willing to embrace the art on weekends at your close shooting range. …


How a gun works: Everything you should know

What Is a Gun?  According to the U.S Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, a firearm is any weapon designed to expel a projectile using an explosive reaction. In simpler terms, a gun is a mechanical device that fires bullets through a barrel after its firing pin is triggered.  Guns are undoubtedly intertwined with …


Why should you use ear protection when shooting a firearm

The main reason of why should you use ear protection when shooting a firearm is for safety reason and protect your ears from possible damages to your hearing system HOW TO CHOOSE ACTIVE SHOOTING HEADPHONES? If you are savvy in the subject, then go straight to the section active shooting headphones , and choose your favorite model. For …



What should you check before choosing a firearm for hunting

what should you check before choosing a firearm for hunting? In this article we will tell you everything you have to know about. What points will be covered in this article: Gun documents The passport always indicates the manufacturer of the weapon, its main characteristics and indicators, suitability for use with certain ammunition, gunpowder and …


how to shoot a gun

What are the two basic styles of firearm actions? The full guide

What are the two basic styles of firearm actions ? In this article you’ll find everything you have to know about this subject. In general… Let’s resume every category and then let’s dig into each one. The six types of firearm actions style are: Let’s begin with the small arms classification Modern small arms are …


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