ETA of next Restock Order

  • Manufacturer Toni System is set to ship the restock package between January the 29th and February 5th the latest;
  • The package from Europe to US takes in average 5 up to 8 days (European restock package tracking);
  • Once we have the package in here we ship everything out in 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

SKU Exception

Due to an overload of requests and according to the manufacturer production schedule, if your ordered any of these SKUs you are set to receive those piece for the next restock (shipping of this batch is schedule to be shipped from Europe Between February 5th and the 9th:


NOTE: if you do not see here above a SKU that you haver order means that you products are set to be restock on this new coming restock batch.

We are sorry for any problem that this may have caused to you.

Backorders on triggers

  • The next restock batch is scheduled to be shipped from Europe between February the 14th and 17th;
  • 3 to 5 days to get in here;
  • Once we have the package we ship in 24 hours.

*This page will be updated when will get the time for each step.

What you can do in case you do not want to wait

  • Partial refund of the backorder items and we ship what we have in stock. We will ship later the items waiting to be restocked;
  • Color swap up with in-stock items: Many times happens that what is missing is a color variation of the product you ordered. You can check if another color of the same item is in stock, in case you are willing to change it just let us know and we will modify and ship your order;
  • Cancel/refund your order before we ship anything: just send us your order number by email at and we will immediately process your request.
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