AF 2011 DBDC Double Barrel Double Caliber

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the legendary Colt 1911-A1 pistol, the design team at Arsenal Firearms decided to create a true industrial 45 caliber double-barreled pistol. A team of specialists managed to do this in just 6 months of intense round-the-clock work using 3D computer simulations and stereolithography modeling.

Surprisingly, this weapon can be handled by anyone who knows how to shoot from 45 ACP (automatic Colt 45 caliber pistol). The gun is not only very pleasant to use, but also extremely accurate, it will bring a lot of pleasure to the owner.

Double Action, Double caliber, at the same time. Can’t miss it.

AF 2011 DBDC Double Barrel Double Caliber

The AF2011-A1 exhibits hit rates that are absolutely amazing for a small arms weapon: in fact, it will send all 16 bullets (8 double shots of double-bullet 45 caliber rounds) from a single-row magazine into an orange-sized target from a distance of 13.5 meters the size of a melon, from a distance of 23 meters.

The stopping power of the AF2011-A1 is huge: two bullets with a total weight of 460 grains (two bullets weigh 30 grams), hitting at a distance of 2 to 10 cm from each other (depending on the distance of the target), are capable of knocking a bull down, and all 18 bullets weighing more than 4000 grains can be sent to the target in about 3 seconds. AF 2011 DBDC Double Barrel Double Caliber

The AF2011-A1 definitely has a number of specific features, such as a single bolt, a single frame, a single striker with two hammers, a single lever safety, a single pair of mainspring pocket, a single magazine box cover with two pockets, a long double magazine latch, special guide bushings, open bolt handle and side lever safety. But the most interesting feature of the new pistol, which the manufacturers tried to achieve during the development of the project, is the interchangeability of most of the internal parts that are standard interchangeable from the 1911 issue. springs, recoil springs and recoil spring bars, magazine box and internal parts,

The AF2011-A1 (or “Twenty Eleven” as connoisseurs call it) is available with two independent triggers and a single trigger (left or right, which can be changed by the user for right-handed and left-handed operations), and with two triggers , permanently attached to each other, and with one or two triggers to choose from.

Double Barrel With same Caliber configurations

Technical specifications

  1. AF 2011 DBDC Double Barrel Double Caliber was designed and manufactured by the Italian firearms manufacturer, Armi Fabbri.
  2. The AF 2011 DBDC Double Barrel Double Caliber is a double-action, semi-automatic handgun.
  3. The AF 2011 DBDC is the first ever double-barrel, double-caliber handgun.
  4. The AF 2011 DBDC has a unique, two-piece upper and lower receiver design.
  5. The AF 2011 DBDC has a unique, two-piece, dual-caliber barrel system with a .45 ACP and 9mm chamber.
  6. The AF 2011 DBDC features a reversible magazine release and an ambidextrous safety selector.
  7. The AF 2011 DBDC has an adjustable rear sight and a Picatinny rail for mounting optics.
  8. The AF 2011 DBDC has a polymer frame with an aluminum alloy slide.
  9. The AF 2011 DBDC has a 4.5” barrel and a 9.5” overall length.
  10. The AF 2011 DBDC weighs 2.1 lbs unloaded.
  11. The AF 2011 DBDC has a 13-round magazine capacity

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